Dashing Diva Carnivale

No. I didn’t just call myself a Dashing Diva. That’s the brand of nail appliques I’m sporting in today’s mani. Why’s everyone got to be a diva these days? (Says the girl with hundreds of bottles of polish!)

Dashing Diva Design FX bling nail appliques in "Carnivale"

These appliques are fairly standard. Basically nail “stickers”. The design I chose, called Carnivale, is jewel encrusted and has a nobby texture. The package says they can be worn on a natural nail for up to a week and up to two weeks if applied with a UV-cured gel overlay. Personally, the designs are a little too blinged out for me, so I didn’t test them for wear time.

Dashing Diva Design FX bling nail appliques in "Carnivale"

My nail beds are really curved with a skinny cuticle line. I had to go one size up in order for the applique to wrap from side-to-side around the tip. I used an orangewood stick to tuck the sticker in around the edges. After I cut off and filed the excess at the top…there was some fraying to deal with, but in all – they’re really very simple and quick to apply.

Dashing Diva Design FX bling nail appliques in "Carnivale"

I did my homework and discovered that Dashing Diva launched in 2003 as the world’s first branded chain of nail spas. In 2009, they formed the Dashing Diva Professional line which includes artificial nail products, nail art supplies, the gel life™ UV soak off gel system and a line of blinged out nail appliques. Unfortunately, these products are only available to professionals from a distributor or at a license-only beauty supply store (but I did see them on ebay). I think they’re comparable price-wise to Sally Hansen or OPI appliques (but I’m not sure since I didn’t pay retail). I do think they have some unique designs.

Disclosure: I have no material connection to the products used in this post.

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  1. It’s a party on your nails! They make me think of one of those great Bollywood dance numbers, fun! :-D

  2. These appliques look amazing! I haven’t managed to have very much luck when I try any applique but then again, I don’t have your mad skill :)

    • Okay…at this same exact moment I was reading your blog. (BTW, loving the new design). You make me so proud to be a Daytonian. I declare that we must meet at the next ridiculous Dayton festival!

  3. They are very bling! Love them!!

  4. YAY I’m in love! It looks like THE perfect mani using rhinestones. WOW :D

  5. I am a sucker for anything that glitters – this is so beautiful!

  6. kallianakong says:

    I. Need. This! LOVE!

  7. Lauren says:

    Those are gorgeous! I need them in my life!

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