The Mani Cave: Navy, White and Pink

Welcome to my weekly update of The Mani Cave (TMC)! In my first post, I referred to it as the TPR (The Polish Room)…but I received overwhelming feedback that my husband’s moniker “The Mani Cave” was better. So TMC it is!

So now on to the update…over the past week I’ve toiled over the color palette. Originally I wanted to go with a gray and teal theme; but I worried about it not being family friendly enough (i.e., hubby wouldn’t be caught dead in there). I wanted something more “grown up” but still unexpected. Then this photo caught my eye and it was all she wrote! The room will be navy, white and pink! Sound familiar? They’re the colors in my Zoya Explosion mani yesterday!

Navy, White & Pink Color Scheme


I jumped in head first before I had a chance to change my mind and went straight to the painting. I chose Starless Night, a dark navy blue that leans on the gray side, in an eggshell finish. Since the color is so dark, I’ve decided to install white wainscoting on the bottom half of the room. Won’t that be beeeeeauuuuutiful? I’m totally stoked and totally over budget already (woops). I wish it were sunnier so you could really see the wall color in these pics. One of these days!

The Mani Cave - WEEK 1 (work / play / polish)

The Mani Cave - WEEK 1 (work / play / polish)

And just so I don’t go a whole post without showing polish…check out this zoomed shot of my makeshift mani table. So I sort of got carried away yesterday when I spotted a nearly full Pure Ice Runway Collection display. The perceptive checkout boy at Walmart asked me if I liked nail polish. Um…yeah…you could say that. LOL

The Mani Cave - WEEK 1 (work / play / polish)

I’m going to do a fabric-covered boxed cornice over the double window. This is the fabric I ordered. I’m still not sold on the circles (I prefer the print on the pillow in that first pic above.) But this was on clearance and I didn’t need much so it’s worth a try.

Linked Navy Fabric

Most of the storage/surface furniture will be white (maybe the gloss white Besta line from Ikea??) But the big item, a hand-me-down table I salvaged from work many moons ago, will be pink! It’s been sitting in my basement for years. The hubs wanted to chuck it in the move…but I just knew I’d have a use for it eventually! Of course, I’ll have to get glass cut to cover the top…no more worrying about remover soaked cotton balls touching the kitchen table. Yay! Here’s my inspiration pic. My table is slightly bigger and has pedestal legs. I hope it turns out as pretty in real life as it is in my head!

pink desk

[flickr – Nick Harris}

I may try to antique it with this glazing technique. I’ll decide after I get it painted pink. But either way…I’m using spray paint. All Things Thrifty has tons of spray painting tips.

pink furniture

{all things thrifty]

The only setback is with the polish display. China Glaze’s fat bottomed bottles have put a kink in my awesome polish storage plan! I have so much China Glaze that I just can’t ignore them (their feelings would be hurt). But Zoya, Butter London, Color Club, OPI, and all the other cats and dogs polishes worked just fine. So I’m (polish) racking my brain for an alternative.

I’ll post another update next Wednesday! Let’s hope I’ve made some progress! :)

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  1. dawndancers says:

    The navy grey is gorgeous! x

  2. I loveee that table! Think you should ‘spray’ yours that pink :D How awesome would that be. And the navy grey looks very nice!

  3. i love the color.. blue is one of my favorite colors.
    i’m always wearing something blue, either my keds or my purse is blue..

  4. The colours look great and can’t wait to see your table.

  5. marisaporter says:

    Sigh. So wonderful. So Emily Henderson.

  6. The Mani Cave is going to be ultra fabulous. I’m LOVING your color choices for the room and can’t wait for next Wednesday’s update!

  7. artreviewed says:

    Loving it! The pink and navy work really well together! :Dxx

  8. Erin Hall Lewis says:

    I’m polish wracking my brain…. tee hee hee. :D Awesome.

  9. I’m not usually a big fan of pink, but this is gorgeous! It feels whimsical and still mature.

  10. Love the colors! A nice thing about having neutrals or more mainstream colors such as the white and navy is that it’s so easy to change the look with just a pop of color here and there. The bright pink will look great, but you could also substitute chartreuse, red, silver, or whatever grabs you later if you tire of the pink. :-D

    • Susan, you are so right. I hadn’t even thought of substituting red or chartreuse. I told my daughter I changed the colors around in case we adopted a baby boy (she’s an only child and I’m way past the new baby days). She was appalled at the notion like any respectable tween girl would be. LOL

  11. Tishana says:

    Your room is going to be gorgeous! Thats such a great color scheme!

  12. If next Wednesday’s picture is of you eating Cheetos, just think of all the time it will save you painting your nails. They’ll already be covered in a beautiful neon orange! I love Cheetos, but I hate the orange fingers. By the way, I love your color scheme. I also picked up some Pure Ice at Walmart today after your blog post about them. Thanks for the tip.

  13. What a great workspace it’s becoming.

  14. manicurator says:

    When you are done…come to my house please. I’m terrible at redecorating!

  15. LOL at Cheetos fingers! Did you see Scrangie’s “flavored polishes” post? It was an April Fool’s joke. Love the nacho cheese look!

  16. Cricket says:

    Great color choices. Looks like the perfect place to hide out from the world as needed. :)

  17. nattan323 says:

    I like the colour choices. I couldn’t believe that amount of nail polish and how neatly it was sitting in the 2nd picture. You have so many!

  18. Tyler Vivier says:

    Oh wow Love the concept cant wait to see the finished results

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