Zoya Work-Worthy Gradient

It’s always tough to come up with office-friendly nail art. Plus, let’s face it…it’s a little boring. If I’m posing for nail art pics on a work night, generally I swipe the mani right off and slap on a neutral shade. But alas, the work mani section of the site is languishing. So I went to my Zoya rack and scanned for possibilities. Aha…Addison, Pandora and Farah were sitting there side-by-side!

Zoya Addison, Pandora and Farrah Gradient (work / play / polish)

I started with two coats of Zoya Farah, a nude cream. After it dried, I applied Zoya Pandora, a pinky nude cream, to a makeup sponge and dabbed it on to the top two-thirds of each nail. Finally, I applied Zoya Addison, a light dusty mauve, to a new sponge and dabbed it on the tips.

Zoya Addison, Pandora and Farrah Gradient (work / play / polish)

I had a hard time capturing this mani on camera. It’s like mannequin hands…with a twist! The photo below was taken in direct sunlight. You can see just how subtle the effect is…very low key, but awesome up close. I wore this to work for three straight days!

Zoya Addison, Pandora and Farrah Gradient (work / play / polish)Zoya Addison, Pandora and Farrah Gradient (work / play / polish)

And for your entertainment…if you follow me on Facebook then you’ve seen Serafina, the cat. She’s a diva and she’s always photobombing my shots. Typically I don’t shoot pics in sunlight (it’s just too difficult to time manis around daylight). But since I had this one on for a few days, I was able to catch some rays. Serafina couldn’t be bothered with my blog. She thought that if I was crouched near the floor, in the sun, and had my hand out that clearly I was trying to pet her! She would NOT leave me alone. Although I must admit, her technique has merit (I did, in fact, pet her). I wonder if I could make that work for me?

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  1. Stacy says:

    Lovely mani but really, if I must be completely honest, Serafina is the obvious star of this post! :P

  2. Most gradient manicures are with bright colors (which I totally love). I was a little surprised to see which colors you used. But man I love the effect! I it subtle it is work-appropriate, but it is so original! Thank you so much for sharing this manicure. Oh and by the way Serafina is real cute! :D

  3. KateLaced says:

    This is beautiful! As is Serafina.

  4. ariix says:

    I love this mani!! And Serafina is too cute! :D

  5. Aggie says:

    Ooo, Serafina looks and acts totally like my Felix :)))

  6. Forget the mani (although it looks very work chic) – YOU HAVE A CAT? I am now thinking that we may be soul sisters.

  7. love this!! a whole lot ^_^

  8. artreviewed says:

    Hey, I’ve nominated you for two blog awards, and you can check those out here:http://artreviewed.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/my-other-blog-awards/

  9. Such a cute kitty! She is practically identical to my cat! Nice work with that mani, so subtle and elegant. I never would have thought of that for a gradient. :)

  10. What a pretty gradient! Looks realy work proof. ;)

  11. i love sponging manicures… and i love these colors.

    i have a dog, sometimes, she refuses to get out of my pictures.. she’s crazy.

  12. Deborah says:

    Soft and delicate, I like it!

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