The Mani Cave: Subtle Progress

Welcome to another Mani Cave update. I was hoping to have a huge and glorious reveal this week. But instead most of my progress was centered around intangible activities like shopping, researching and obsessing. It’s difficult to take a picture of those things. Although I suppose I could have asked an IKEA employee to take some “action shots” of me looking at VIKA tabletops. So what did I actually accomplish this week?


  1. Made pilgrimage to IKEA and wandered around overwelmed for the better part of three hours. OUTCOMES: The rug I wanted is too small. The cabinets I REALLY want are too expensive. Swedish meatballs are tasty. I’ve got champagne wishes and caviar dreams…but they will never be fully realized as long as there’s a dining room downstairs just patiently waiting for a table and maybe some chairs. I want to do the room right and not scrimp. I’m worried some of the IKEA stuff won’t be “weighty” enough for the room. UGH.
  2. Officially decided that my clever polish rack idea won’t work. For about two seconds I actually contemplated designing a rack, getting a prototype made and opening an Etsy store. But who am I kidding? There’s no time for that. So instead we are on Plan C…or maybe Plan D. I can’t remember. But I’m pumped about this one. It will be alot of work but fabulous. If it meets final inspection, I’ll post a tutorial on the blog so you can make your own.
  3. And last but not least, we got another whole wall of wainscoting up before the nail gun continued to jam and caused my husband to say some bad words. I try to be encouraging…”Nice job, baby. We’ll have this finished up in two months, tops!” In the pic I have the bottom trim leaned up againt the wall. Once we get this trimmed out and painted, it will look like a million bucks!

So because I feel terribly guilty for showing you really nothing two weeks in a row, I’ve decided I will try to distract you with humor. Most of these funnies have made a tour around the interwebs already so you’ve likely seen them before. But they still make me chuckle. (source: someecards)









more than local salon




And this last one is my favorite. And not because I think I’m awesome…LOL. It’s funny because one of my girlfriends texted me something very similar. But I must say, we polish addicts are pretty awesome!


It looks like I have my work cut out for me next week. If I don’t have any TMC progress to show you, I might have to pull out my tap shoes and do a little shuffle-ball-change!

Please leave a comment. I read every single one!

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  1. Ha ha funny! The mani cave is really coming along, it’s cool you are taking it slowly and making sure it’s prefect, it would be so easy to ‘settle’ and then you’d be constantly upgrading the room (well, I would anyway!) Keep up the good work! :)

  2. silverkis says:

    keep on trucking with mani cave!! Renovating is always so much fun, yet endless work! Love those humor shots!

  3. Yulia says:

    He-he, love those cards! Actually, one of them inspired me to make my own:
    Ah, when i have my own house, i’m so gonna have a mani cave, too :D

  4. Kay says:

    I really like the e-cards! They’re funny :) Thanks for sharing. And can’t wait for more updates with the mani-cave!

  5. I have been pretty silent lately, but have loved reading about the progress! Maybe since I’m here in the hospital and few more days, I can catch up – sorry in advance if you get a ton of comments from me :)

    I have seen most of those someecards and love seeing them again! And the ones I’ve not seen are hilar! Thanks for sharing :)

    Lastly, speaking of IKEA, I bought the Alex unit and loooooove it! But it sounds like you want a rack where polishes are more easily visible and reachable? So, I cannot wait to see what you post!!!

    • Tara, you are welcome to comment-bomb me any time you want! :) I hope you are on the mend! Thanks for the tip on the Alex. I am leaning that way. My goal is to get most of the polish on the wall – but since my collection is always growing…I want to have some backup storage in drawers too.

  6. Nailmattic says:

    Lol I love them all….

  7. last one is my favorite too.. once I was wearing a manicure that had the panamanian flag on it. and somebody was telling me I looked ghetto. i was all like ohh you didn’t.. i just answered him: dude, the most artistic thing you will ever do in your life is using powerpoint effects to animate your presentations, so why won’t you just chillax and stop being jealous.

  8. I look forward to tap shoes, shuffle-ball-changes and Cheetos! I think you’re a very clever gal to wait it out and get exactly what you want for TMC. And I love the e-cards!

  9. Hahaha! Loving the ee cards!

  10. Ana says:

    More (and better!) polishes than my local salon?

    So, so true.

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