Envy and Ziv: a Zoya Christmas Sweater

Hi all! I’ve seen so many cool “Christmas Sweater” designs lately and I wanted to try one. After doing a bunch of practice stamps…I quickly realized that my nailbeds are just too small for elk. So I pressed ahead with a stamped, not-so-Christmasy, not-so-sweatery mani using Zoya Envy and Ziv.

Zoya Envy and Ziv (work / play / polish)

Zoya Envy has been sitting in my untrieds for awhile.  Envy is a blackened green creme released as part of the Dare Collection. It was streaky on the first coat, but completely opaque in two. This was also a good opportunity to test out Zoya Ziv’s stamping prowess. Ziv is a warm, gold, glittery, metallic polish that’s part of the Ornate Collection. It actually stamped really well. Because of the glittery, reflective finish, the stamped image was delicate, almost transparent. The result was neat and subtle.

Zoya Envy and Ziv (work / play / polish)

The stamped image is from Konad plate m57. I used the same stamp for the tips and the cuticle line…just rotated.

Zoya Envy and Ziv (work / play / polish)

I’m not a huge green polish fan, but the blackened base makes Envy more wearable for me. One thing about Zoya…I always end up loving whatever they put out – even if I thought I wouldn’t. So I tend to be a little “braver” when buying their polish.

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  1. Parveen says:

    Gorgeous!! Do you have any tips on how to avoid streaks or bald spots? It seems that I either have flooding or bald spots near the cuticles :-( well it doesn’t happen with all polishes just certain ones. Help!!

    • Hi Parveen. I get bald spots when the polish brush is too firm, it’s a slow drying formula or I’m just impatient between coats (or somethimes all 3!). Since it just happens with certain polishes…it’s probably nothing you’re doing. I would just be patient and use a light hand and thin coats.

  2. i love this manicure.. but again, i must say this is a social acceptable manicure for going to work.
    in what business do you work? i work in advertising and i think this is one manicure i would even wear to business meetings.

    • I’m in an ultra-conservative office and customers are usually senior military. I could probably get away with this mani though – at least near the holidays. I would love to work in advertising! It’s the best meld of conservative and creative!

      • i love working in advertising.. just wearing jeans, sneakers and tshirts to work, as well as creative nails, is one of the best things that had happened to me.
        Before working in the advertising agency I used to work in the marketing department of a big mobile company, it was just as cool.

        I guess that working in communications allow you to have some liberty regarding your aspect!

  3. 10NiceNails says:

    This is beautiful! I hadn’t noticed Envy before.

    I’m doing Zoya Christmas sweater nails, too! Blog post as soon as I get a chance to finish them!

  4. Alex says:

    Very pretty! This mani reminds me of an ornate ballroom for some reason. Maybe the stamps of Ziv look like gold leaf borders/ceiling designs? Also, just as an fyi, your title here says “Logan and Ziv” instead of “Envy and Ziv.” :)

  5. This is gorgeous – I love it!

  6. Deborah says:

    The stamping is so delicate, I really love this look!

  7. Betsey Taylor says:


  8. jenlingyang says:

    i love this lace stamp :)

  9. Jen says:

    This is so pretty! It could be a design for a scarf or a handkerchief.

  10. manicurator says:

    So elegant. Love it.

  11. tmvikholt says:

    That’s a gorgeous design!

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