MAC Glitter and Limelight

For my last mani of the week, I have my very first MAC polishes, Everything that Glitters and In the Limelight. This duo makes up half of the 4-polish MAC Glamour Daze Nail Lacquer Collection released in October for the holiday 2012 season. I’ll show you the other two shades, Endless Night and Girl Trouble, in a future post. I had super high expectations considering the price tag of these babies and I REALLY wanted to love them. But in the end I was disappointed. Let’s get to the mani and you’ll read why…

MAC All that Glitters and In the Limelight (work / play / polish)

MAC describes Everything that Glitters as a “black with super, multi-dimensional glitter”. I like the color spectrum of the glitter… a very cool and edgy combination. It looks similar to Butter London The Black Knight (which I have, but haven’t tried). I wasn’t sure how this would apply and I was short on time so I started with a thin coat of Zoya Raven (black) as a base. The Everything that Glitters formula was what you would expect from a glitter-packed polish…a little thick. But it was easy to maneuver, opaque in two coats and surprisingly not too topcoat hungry.

MAC All that Glitters and In the Limelight (work / play / polish)

MAC calls In the Limelight a “mid-tone creamy mint.” It’s on the cool side – actually similar to the soft green pastels we’re seeing in the Spring 2013 collections. This one was a challenge. It was streaky on the first coat, and thick and clumpy on the second. I used a coat of Seche Vite and waited a good 20 minutes before taping off the “V” and yet it still was gooey!

MAC All that Glitters and In the Limelight (work / play / polish)

But on the positive side, I really like the design and color combo of this mani. For the “V”, I cut a triangle out of tape and placed it pointing towards the cuticle. Then I used two additional pieces of tape and placed them below and parallel to each side of the triangle…creating a thicker “V”. I polished one generous coat of Everything that Glitters and immediately removed the tape. I finished with two coats of Seche Vite on every nail.

As I mentioned, these are some pricey polishes! At $17.50 each, they’re a  $1.50 more than the normal MAC nail lacquer price tag because of the limited edition Glamour Daze packaging! Say what?! It’s not fair to generalize my non-positive experience across the entire MAC polish line – but to me it’s a no brainer to spend $8 or even $14 for a Zoya or Butter London that chances are great I will love. If I want to splurge on an expensive polish, I’ll get a Chanel or Dior. Fortunately, I recently got my MAC PRO card, so the tab wasn’t as steep. I know there are lot of MAC loyalists out there, so maybe I don’t appreciate their lacquers in the context of their entire line.

Anyone else tried MAC polishes? What do you think? Please don’t hesitate to let us all know if you’ve had a different (better) experience!

Please leave a comment. I read every single one!

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  1. Sara says:

    MAC polishes are notoriously bad. As much as I love MAC for other products I avoid the nail polishes like the plague. I’ve bought 2. One was terrible and chipped within an hour. I haven’t used the other and may not bother. I only bought it for the LE Marilyn Monroe packaging. Lol All that said, I do think the glitter polish is beautiful. Glad I didn’t see it when the collection was available or I may have been tempted.

  2. Erin says:

    I think MAC suffers from some of the same problems other higher end makeup lines have; nail polish is a ‘throwaway’ item. They don’t take the time and resources to create a truly great nail product BECAUSE it’s a nail product. They have their steam in other stuff so they add lacquer as an afterthought and then wonder why slapping their name on the bottle didn’t fetch it fab reviews.

    That’s why I’m alway wary of buying high price tag designer polishes when the company isn’t primarily a polish company. I get burned all to often. Woe is us?

    All things considered, your mani is quite lovely. I’m just sorry to hear about the issues that went along with it. Any chance of a comparison post between Everything That Glitters and The Black Knight?

  3. Love your mani! To bad Mac didn’t spent more attention to the quallity of their polishes.

  4. tmvikholt says:

    This one would be perfect for new years :) But I unfortunately don’t think I have the patience for it if it takes that long to dry.

  5. Unfortunate you weren’t impressed by this polish, but i’m madly in love with this color combo

  6. Danny says:

    wow! these look soooo amazing together!!

  7. Deborah says:

    That accent nail is gorgeous and so are these polishes!

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