OPI Berlin There Done That with Chevron Stamping

Disclosure: Some products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review.

The blog is seriously lacking in “work” posts. Let’s face it, work manis aren’t very exciting. For today’s post, I forced myself to come up with a nail art look that I could confidently (or perhaps covertly) get away with at work. In the process, I discovered my new fave neutral…OPI Berlin There Done That. I used two coats, then stamped a chevron pattern with VL006 and OPI My Very First Knockwurst. I finished it off with OPI You Don’t Know Jacques on the tips.

OPI You Don't Know Jacques, Berlin There Done That and My Very First Knockwurst (work / play / polish)

I’m getting more confident with the stamping. It really comes down to the size of the image on the plate. If the image covers nearly the entire stamper…then you can just smash it right on the nail with no worries. I wasn’t happy with the ends, hence the addition of You Don’t Know Jacques. You’ll also notice I didn’t get the chevron centered…I just went with it and followed the chevron. I think I prefer it over them all being identical.

OPI You Don't Know Jacques, Berlin There Done That and My Very First Knockwurst (work / play / polish)

The three polishes I used are below. Berlin There Done That (center) is from the OPI Germany Collection. I really liked most of the collection when it was released, but I didn’t race out and get them. Let’s just say Fall 2012 had already seen a large influx of polishes into my stash. I’ve been slowly acquiring them. My Very First Knockwurst (right) is also part of the Germany Collection. And last but not least, You Don’t Know Jacques (left) is an OPI staple, released way back in 2008 as part of the La Collection de France.

OPI You Don't Know Jacques, Berlin There Done That and My Very First Knockwurst (work / play / polish)

Berlin There Done That deserves its own pics. I looooove this color. It’s a mauve-y smooth taupe that reminds me of light chocolate milk. I just picked this up at Salon Centric last week. I’ll get a ton of use out of it.

OPI Berlin There Done That (work / play / polish)

Plus, it’s so shiny. It was shiny even before the topcoat!

OPI Berlin There Done That (work / play / polish)

What’s your favorite neutral polish? I need to expand my options.

The Vivid Lacquer VL006 plate with this chevron pattern is available in a bundle at the Vivid Lacquer Etsy Store.

Disclosure: Some products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. This is so pretty !
    I’m testing out O.P.I.’s Did you Ear About Van Gogh today, I really like it, it’s very complimentary to my pale winter hands !

  2. <3 Classy and beautiful:) love it :)

  3. Ginny says:

    Love this mani! All of the colors are gorgeous and are perfect for work and play. I don’t have any of them, so they are going on my wish list :) Your stamping is awesome.

  4. satine89 says:

    DYING for how perfect this manicure is!!!! And the color are SO pretty!!!

  5. Cindi says:

    I got Berlin there done that as a mini polish, but now seeing how pretty it is on you, i might go back and get the regular sized bottle. It’s such a classy color. I love the way you added the darker funky french tips.

  6. Danny says:

    Lovely! And I love these three polishes together! Never thought of a taupe-kombo! :)

  7. Nati says:

    This mani is a great way to make look neutral taupes fun! I love it

  8. i love brown manicures.. i don’t use that color often.. but i love how it looks!!

  9. Rachael says:

    Omg this is gorgeous!! You’re tempting me to go and get those polishes now because I only have My Very First Knockwurst!

  10. Wow, usually neutrals don’t grab me but your mani is gorgeous! Really shows that neutrals don’t have to be boring. :-)

  11. This is so soothing, love the neutrals! And I agree, this one looks great not being identical on each nail. Sheesh, I only have Knockwurst..scribbles 2 more on wishlist..

  12. craftynail says:

    This looks so classy!! Nice work!

  13. iriel says:

    This is so elegant! I love it… I need a Vivid Lacquer plate right now!

  14. MaSucree says:

    that looks fantastic!!

  15. Shoppingshon says:

    I agree work manis are Blah, BUT, if you have to work you might as well polish! My motto because I hate going to work without polish & have my nails break, chip or not any POP for a hot girl like me! Ha! Love this mani sooooo much! Love it! Gonna buy the stamper & color! I can rock this work mani!

  16. Lesley says:

    Those polishes are gorgeous all together! x

  17. Lizajane1776 says:

    I just finished stamping with this exact design! I love your addition of the tips! (And the admission that the chevrons aren’t centered, mine aren’t either.)
    For a nice neutral, I love All Hail The Queen from Butter London.

  18. It looks very sophisticated and the shades work well together.

  19. Nicole says:

    This looks awesome!! The sheer stamping has such a cool effect. It almost looks like wood grain. I love it. I am going to have to keep Berlin There Done That at the top of my list. Another nudey color that I really like and that I want is San Tan Tonio or something like that from OPI.

  20. kiyominails says:

    I just got a huge craving for chocolate. ;)

  21. Deborah says:

    Lovely combo and the basecolor looks so good on you!

  22. This makes me want to stop biting my nails. :) These are the most beautiful colors for polish I’ve ever seen!

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