Digit-al Dozen Does Animal Week: Racy Snakeskin

Have you seen those recipes where they take a boxed mix, like a cake mix, add a few special ingredients and all the sudden it’s gourmet! Those things are perfect for me because I seriously cannot cook or bake. Even my Kraft Mac n’ Cheese doesn’t always turn out right. Today’s mani is based on the same principle – taking something boxed and making it gourmet. This look was done with Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Snake Charmer with half moons painted on top in Essie Licorice and Beyond Cozy. I told my husband I freehanded the snakeskin pattern. Silly husband…he believed me!

Snakeskin Half Moon Mani

I always pick up Sally Hansen strips if I see them in the clearance bin. Even if I’m not crazy about a design…they make a good base for nail art. I applied the strips to a clean nail, then used a small brush to freehand a larger half-moon in Licorice, then a smaller half moon in Beyond Cozy. The snake skin is so busy that it didn’t have to be perfect to look right.

Snakeskin Half Moon Mani

This look was so easy, but it looked really difficult to execute in real life. Did you see the other Digit-al Dozen animal manis yesterday? Pretty awesome, as usual. Click the link to check out today’s art.


Digit-al Dozen

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  1. ressadennis says:

    love it! I love the silver as well!

  2. Very funky. I will feel like a badass wearing this mani :)

  3. I love that you “cheated” a bit – because I totally cannot tell! This looks so awesome!

  4. Ginny says:

    very cool mani. You are so talented, I probably would have believed that you painted the snakeskin yourself as well.

  5. Love this look – I mean, glitter, reptile print…need I say more? I would tell everyone that you freehanded this. I mean hubs is proof that you’d be believed! :)

  6. love this look! never would have thought to use sally hansen strips as nail art

  7. Emma says:

    Really cool!! I have yet to try wraps, but this is inspiring :)

  8. this is awesome – and its hilarious you mention the gourmet cake mix – totally guilty of this! i like to add in pudding and philly cream cheese cooking creme to a box mix and it makes the most amazing cupcakes!

  9. Perfect and classy! I’ve got to try this! :)

  10. Vic says:

    Totally gorgeous!

  11. Wendy says:

    They look great I always had small wrinkles with salon effects. I used Sally Hansen nail strips for ever before I found OMG Nail Strips they are cheaper and easier to apply.

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