*NEW* I Love Nail Polish Cremes, Holos, Ultra Holos and Duochromes

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by ILNP.

This is a rare weekend post and it’s MASSIVE. Lots of swatching has been going on in the Mani Cave! I’m excited to show you all twenty-one (YES, 21!!) new releases from I Love Nail Polish (ILNP). ILNP is one of my favorite indies and Barbra, the brains (and muscle) behind the operation has been busy! I love me some glittery goodness, but I’ll always favor my beloved crèmes…and holos are a close second. So ILNP’s new collection of crèmes and holos had me at…um…crèmes and holos! Bonus: 3 duochromes too! There’s lots to see so I’ll keep the commentary to a minimum.

I Love Nail Polish Holos, Ultra Holos, Cremes and Duochromes (2013)


There are six crèmes in a nice range of pastel to punchy shades. I’ve been wary of indie crèmes – it just seems like it would be impossible to get a consistent, buttery formula in a hand bottled operation. But all six ILNP crèmes had an excellent formula. All swatches are finished with Seche Vite.

Under the Bleachers (2 coats)

ILNP Under the Bleachers

Twist of Lemon (3 coats)

ILNP A Twist of Lemon

Where’s My Tiara?  (2 coats)

ILNP Where's My Tiara

Sniffany (2 coats)

ILNP Sniffany

Bunny Tails (3 coats)

ILNP Bunny Tails

Grape Taffy (2 coats)

ILNP Grape Taffy

Standard Holos

Next we have the standard holos. The subtle holo finish is similar to the first batch of ILNP holos. These are a great way to get your holo fix without stopping traffic! Application was easy peasy. I love that navy blue! And the lighter colors are a great option for work.

A Few Shah (2 coats)

ILNP A Few Shah

Down Comforter (3 coats) [the holo is more obvious in person – I just couldn’t capture it.]

ILNP Down Comforter

Army Surplus (2 coats)

ILNP Army Surplus

Cosmic Barney (2 coats)

ILNP Cosmic Barney

Cashmere Sweater (3 coats) [again…a touch more holo IRL]

ILNP Cashmere Sweater

Fleet Week (2 coats)

ILNP Fleet Week

Ultra Holos

Next we have the ultra holos. And by ultra…she means ultra. Most of these are seriously Color Club holo-y, which is major. My camera really had trouble focusing, but I think you get the gist. Keep in mind, these were taken indoors, so imagine what these are like in the sun! All swatches are two coats. Topcoat didn’t effect the finish at all. I used Seche Vite.

1st and 5th

ILNP 1st and 5th

You’re My Boy Blue

ILNP You're My Boy Blue

Princess Diaries

ILNP Princess Diaries

Blue Steel

ILNP Blue Steel

Pixie Dust

ILNP Pixie Dust

Amanda Hugginkiss

ILNP Amanda Hugginkiss


And last, but not least, we have three cool duochromes. These look like standard metallics in my photos…but trust me…there is some intense color change going on here. I’ll do my best to describe it. All swatches are two coats. The formula was nice and I didn’t have any issues with brushstrokes like I anticipated.

Green Goblin is a rich green that turns olive and gold.

Green Goblin

Neutron Starlett is a deep teal with shades of purple and green.

ILNP Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a steely dark blue and purple.

ILNP Neutron Starlette

Shew. That’s the biggest single polish post I’ve ever done! Can you imagine if I’d posted this in the “olden” days of modems? You’d have to click on this page and then go take a bath while it loaded. How did we even tolerate that?

Thank you so much to Barbra for giving me the awesome opportunity to try out these awesome polishes first! She’s not only a talented indie maker, but a great friend and joy to work with! You can buy ILNP from the online store for $10 (12ml). Get social too! The ILNP facebook community is a MUST-follow for every polish addict. Interact with nearly 175,000 other lacquer fanatics and see awesome manis from around the web. You can also find ILNP on Instagram.

So which are your favorites? Act fast to snatch them up!

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for my review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.



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  1. Lacqueerisa says:

    Ahh I am loving all of them!!! They are all so beautiful! And you swatch them so well making all of them ever more attractive! :) Such gorgeously made shades!

  2. Lexie says:

    Ooooooh pretty much all of these are now on my Wishlist. Beautiful swatches!

  3. Spectacular collection (can you guess my favorite? ;)

    As usual, clean and stellar swatches that highlight this collection to perfection!

  4. me and my wallet are crying. these are stunners!

  5. Ashesela says:

    Wow, these are all so gorgeous!! O_O

  6. Amy says:

    wow,wow,wow,wow,WOW! AMAZING!

  7. Yuen says:

    Amazing range of nail polishes styles & colours! Love them! (:

  8. All of these are beautiful!! That is the BEST non glittery Indie polish I have EVER seen!!

  9. Lisa at Cosmetic Sanctuary says:

    So many gorgeous colors! Hard to pick a favorite! Lovely swatches, as always!

  10. GAH. Must have those Ultras!! <3 Gorgeous swatches, as always :)

  11. ewlyn says:

    OMG that’s some portion of swatches :p
    All gorgeous. My favourite are the Standard Holos and Sniffany

  12. Kami Dumis says:

    This time I GOT the purple!!!!! I didn’t miss it!!!! TY my friend. Perfect as always!

  13. So many gorgeous polishes! I’ve placed my order first thing after restock yesterday and can’t wait to receive them!!! Your swatches are amazing btw

  14. Kerrie Black says:

    What an amazing collection!

  15. Stacy says:

    OMG!! Princess Diaries is my must have of the bunch, I don’t own any holos even close to that color!!
    Beautiful swatches! :)

  16. Such great new releases, there are some excellent colors in there and your swatches are fantastic!

  17. Oh my goodness, what a post! These are all really great…the holos look so dreamy!

  18. YVONNE says:


  19. Christa says:

    Such gorgeous and flawless swatches!! :)
    I was feeling pretty good about mine until I saw yours haha.

  20. Setu Rohini says:

    Ohh wow, its like bouquet of polishes that one could die for…Totally amazing

  21. These are GORGEOUS !
    I think I’m in love…

  22. Katrina says:

    The holos are the ones that really grabbed me this time around, but your swatches look fabulous in general.

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