Blogging for a Cause: WPP Thank You and Recap

PG logoWas that a fun two weeks or what!? THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This series was like a nail blogger Hall of Fame…seriously (see them all at the end of this post)!  I waited until last night to write this so I could recap the full impact our collective efforts have made on the Polished Girlz organization…so far. I’m so completely touched. I talked to both Alanna and her mother and they are giddy with gratitude. I’m so proud to know that the nail community pulled together and made a tremendous difference for a wonderful cause! If this is the first post you’ve read in my Blogging for a Cause Guest Post Series, visit this post for the background.

As promised, I’ve donated $250 to the Polished Girlz on behalf of each of the 25 bloggers who participated (see the receipt here). This money will go toward the purchase of supplies and services necessary to run a nationwide charitable organization. Here are some exciting facts and figures from this series:

  • Since the series began, the Polished Girlz have been contacted by TWO major nail polish brands who want to discuss ongoing partnerships!!! THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!
  • In addition to my donation, they received nearly $1,000 in monetary donations from indie makers, fellow bloggers and nail polish lovers alike!
  • The Polished Girlz met and EXCEEDED their goal of 5,000 facebook followers (if you’re not following yet…you can follow them here)!!
  • Bloggers from every corner of the globe have contacted the organization about mailing donations of used nail polish and supplies.
  • New volunteer applications are piling in!

Now I couldn’t go two whole weeks without some nail art of my own…so here’s my Polished Girlz mani. The base colors are JulieG White Orchid and Essie Watermelon and the details are done with acrylic paint. I skipped the topcoat to keep that textured finish. This mani makes me smile! :)


Alanna and I want to thank each blogger again, from the bottom of our hearts, for participating! You made it a huge success! An extra special thanks goes to Sarah of Chalkboard Nails who made some important introductions. A big bonus for me…in the process of coordinating guest posters, I’ve made some new blogging friends.

20131228-alanna-and-leslieThank you, ladies, for everything! Please visit the blogs/IGs of all the participants. They deserve it!

Adventures in Acetone
All Lacquered Up
Chalkboard Nails
Chelsea Queen
Fear No Beauty
Kellie Gonzo
Let Them Have Polish
Lucy’s Stash
Makeup Withdrawal
Miss Ladyfinger
Mucking Fusser
Nailed It
Polish Chest
Polished Girlz (Alanna)
Rebecca Likes Nails
Sassy Shelly
The Nailasaurus
The PolishAholic
Will Paint Nails for Food
Wondrously Polished

The giving doesn’t have to stop with this series. Please keep the Polished Girlz in mind throughout the year. In addition to monetary donations, the organization welcomes any of the featured needs highlighted at the end of each post. If you’re unsure if your item can be used, just send an email to And look into volunteering in your area!


Please take a moment to follow the Polished Girlz online. You can find them on facebook, twitter and instagram!

Thanks again and my very best wishes for a happy, safe and blessed NEW YEAR!


Please leave a comment. I read every single one!

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  1. Jennifer R. says:

    I have things I could send, and I live close enough to volunteer in the Cincinnati/Dayton area (but I’m not good at painting my own nails, so painting other people’s nails is probably out of the question.) I loved learning more about the organization with each post!

  2. I am so touched that I got to be a part of this. Looking forward to getting more involved in the future. Thanks for all of your hard work, Leslie! <3

  3. Danny says:

    This was an amazing series! Thank you, Leslie, for asking me and for having this series!!
    And thank you, Alanna, for founding it! <3

  4. Doria says:

    So awesome!!!!!!

  5. jacquelyng56 says:

    This was one of the nicest things I have seen in a while. I loved reading all the posts. Well done on such a fantastical effort xx

  6. Mercedes says:

    Such a great cause. Looking forward to supporting the organization.

  7. jess scull says:

    You & everyone else did an amazing job!

  8. Niki T. says:

    What a great cause. I loved this series and it introduced me to some new nail bloggers. Thank you!

  9. Kelly R says:

    Super cute. What a great collaboration!

  10. I am so glad to hear how successful y’all were! What a wonderful cause and I found some new bloggers to follow! Great job!

  11. gnarlygnails says:

    Its been a fantastic series Leslie! And I am definitely planning on donating some of my pr samples and other polishes to them as soon as I can get it together!

  12. this was a great series for a great cause! good job organizing this leslie!

  13. This was truly an amazing series! Wonderful work, Leslie!

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