Introducing: The Lacquer Legion!!

20120106-lacquer-legion-1It’s no secret that sometimes even the most creative artists get into a slump! That’s why we all love a good nail art challenge. They push us to try looks and techniques we may never have tried otherwise. But challenges are intense! While I’ve never participated in a 31 Day Challenge before, I was a member of the Digit-al Dozen for an entire year. Being a part of that group pushed me to create some of my best nail art…but it also pushed the boundaries of the time I had available. I desperately miss that inspiration…which is why I jumped at the chance to help Sarah of Chalkboard Nails in forming the Lacquer Legion!

Once a month, Sarah, Sammy (The Nailasaurus), Rebecca (Rebecca Likes Nails), and I will be putting out a nail art prompt for your interpretation. Each prompt will have a post date and a specific hashtag to link everyone up. Since hashtags work across all social media platforms, you’ll be able to easily track everyone that is participating! It’s low commitment and fun. Stretch your creative limits!

For January, the theme is “reinvention.” Interpret it however you want, then get ready to post your manicure on the 27th using the hashtag #LLreinvention.


Have questions? Hop on over to for more info (be sure to “Like” it for updates)! The four of us will be watching the page to answer any questions.

We really hope you will participate in this awesome opportunity to have some fun with fellow members of the nail community!

Please leave a comment. I read every single one!

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  1. Kelly R says:

    What a neat idea! I can’t wait to see all the manis!

  2. This is great. I love anything that brings the nail community together! I will definitely be participating!

  3. Jen Sky Walker says:

    This is such a fun idea! I can’t seem to keep up with weekly challenges, so hopefully I can manage a monthly one. :)

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Exciting! I am looking forward to this!

  5. Oooh! Can’t wait to see what everyone does!

  6. Jess Scull says:

    Such an awesome idea!

  7. Shipra says:

    Fun!! Can’t wait to see all the gorgeous nail art. :)

  8. XO, Noelle says:

    I was just thinking about how much I miss nail art. I like how relaxed this is. I think I’ll be joining in!

  9. Fun!!! Do you have to be a *nail* blogger to take part? I’m a book review blogger, but I try to do a Mad About Nails post every weekend! (Though I haven’t in about a month and need to catch-up…bad weather, bad lighting, lol!)

    • Absolutely not. Anyone can join! As a matter of fact, I’d love to see some manis from non-nail bloggers! Looking forward to your design, Bonnie! :D

      • Oh, great news! :)

        It won’t be as professional, I’m sure, but I’ll still have fun! And I have a huge book conference that weekend, so I’m planning…idk…something new and fun that I haven’t tried before!!! I can definitely incorporate this theme!

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