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Are you groaning at my pun in the title of this post? LOL. I couldn’t help it. Today I have a quick, easy mani using nail wraps from the new Incoco Sweet Surprise Collection for Valentine’s Day 2014. This Collection includes five, truly sweet designs that look snazzy on their own, but can also be used with traditional polish to create nail art…like I’ve done today. :)

Incoco Nail Wraps with Nail Polish Gradient

Here are all five designs that make up the Sweet Surprise Collection:

Incoco Sweet Surprise Collection

  • Made With Love: This sugar-spun red to pink gradient is a sweet Valentine treat.
  • Love Spell: Swooning, giggling, and lovey-dovey doodles are well-known side effects of a powerful Love Spell.
  • Yours Truly: Pink on pink gets even more romantic with an elegant love letter design.
  • Sweet Surprise: Match your nails to your dessert with this pale pink sprinkled with multi-color glitters!
  • Double Date: Opposites attract! Silver and pink hearts make the perfect pair in this glittery, playful dual pattern.

I was immediately smitten Yours Truly! It’s so pretty. I love the artsy, delicate handwriting (in French, bien sûr!). It makes such a neat “pattern” when you look at the whole hand at once. I wanted to experiment with using traditional nail polish with these wraps. Incoco nail appliques are 100% nail polish, so I figured it would work…and it did! I used Zoya Lara, a magenta creme, on a makeup sponge to dab a gradient onto the tips. It “slid” around on the surface a bit with the first pass, but built up nicely with the second. I finished with G&G HK Girl topcoat. I love the result because this would be nearly impossible to recreate with polish and/or acrylics. Even if you managed to write lots of perfect little words on all your nails…who would risk it all with a gradient? Not me!  LOL.

Incoco Nail Wraps with Nail Polish Gradient

I’ve had really great luck with Incoco nail wraps and can usually get them very smooth on the nail bed without too much effort (we all know it’s not as easy as it looks!). Someone emailed me and said that Incoco wraps seem too easy to remove, like they peel right off. My response is that yes, immediately after you apply them, they are malleable and feel like you can just scrape them right off. But give them time. Just like nail polish, the wraps dry out and set. I wore this mani over night and I had to remove it with polish remover and cotton balls just like a regular mani done completely with traditional polish.

Each package contains 16 appliques in a range of sizes. The Sweet Surprise Collection is available now at for $8.99 each. Follow Incoco on facebooktwitter and instagram for new releases and promotions!

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by Incoco for my consideration. All opinion are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Caroline says:

    So pretty! I have tried again and again to apply nail wraps but I fail every time. Too bad because this manicure is amazing and I surely won’t manage to write tiny words all over my nails (and, as you rightly point out, if I managed, I wouldn’t gradient over it!).

  2. Squeaky Q says:

    I thought the gradient was part of the applique at first glance! This is really cool!

  3. Lisa N. says:

    Such a pretty design!

  4. Kairi says:

    Loving this.
    I’ve seen stamps like the writing on some blogs. But yeh, recreating this would be insane with polish and/or acrylics.

  5. This is beautiful! :D I love nail wraps, but haven’t done anything like this with them. Closest I got was accidental–I added a fast-drying topcoat over some wraps and it caused them to shrivel and get a bit textured and it looked totally cool… but I didn’t intend for that to happen. Yours is perfect! Love the colour too x

  6. Deborah says:

    That’s such an unique look! Well done :)

  7. Anne says:

    This is a very gorgeous design! Cool idea and well done!

  8. I would not have thought to add polish to a wrap like you did but it looks amazing! <3

  9. LaraLeaf says:

    That is one cool mani! I have been seeing those wraps around on the ‘Net and been kinda ‘meh’ about them. But I love your idea! Way to go!

  10. this is super cute and great for valentine’s day.

  11. Doria says:

    So pretty! Incoco does such pretty designs :) And I love the gradient tips you added <3

  12. This is so pretty! I love what you did with them!

  13. Eleobel says:

    I love how this looks :)

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