Misa Blink of an Eye Collection Fishtail (+ Lacquer Legion February Prompt!)

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It’s Wednesday. And in my quest to keep some variety on the blog, Wednesdays have become a loosely designated nail art day. I love swatching new polish…but I can’t give up the nail art. Speaking of…did you participate in the first ever Lacquer Legion Challenge in January? Keeping in line with February’s “lovely” connotations…this month’s prompt is ADORATION. Interpret this theme however you want in a nail art creation and share your look all over the interwebs on Friday, 28 February with the hashtag #LLadoration. Don’t forget to post it on the Lacquer Legion facebook too! Last month was such a success. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with this time around. (If you’re unsure what this is all about…read this post.)

Okay…on to the the mani. I’ve become a huge fan of Misa nail polish. Every experience has been a good one. The Fall 2013 Blink of an Eye Collection includes three satin matte finishes and three sparkly, full-coverage glitters. I used all six polishes to create this look.

Misa Blink of an Eye Collection Fishtail Nail ArtHere are the colors:

  • Angel Eye: Ultra sparkly silver
  • Flutter and Feather: Blingy rose gold
  • Don’t Blink: Glittery, cool gold
  • Lash Out: Bright and shimmery teal
  • High Brow: Purple-red satin with a ton of shimmer (this one is super unique…if you look at the neck of the bottle where there’s a thin coat of translucent polish…it’s blue! That blue is what gives it amazing depth.)
  • Eye Candy: Warm, glowy orange-red

Misa Blink of an Eye Collection Fishtail Nail Ar

I used Eye Candy as my base, then layered on the other satins in a repeating fishtail pattern. For one random stripe on each nail, I substituted one of the glitters for a satin. I’ve done this technique using the polish brush (and basically polished the rest of the nail upwards as I create each stripe). This time I used a fine art brush (here is my current fave brush) and free-handed thin stripes. The result is less gloppy and more streamlined.

Misa Blink of an Eye Collection Fishtail Nail Ar

Here’s a tip that I used here. Got some nail art that didn’t turn out as “polished” as you wanted? Load that thing up with layers of thin topcoat until the light reflected on the nail is fairly straight with no obvious waves or jagged breaks. This is especially helpful if you’ll be photographing the finished product. For this mani I used four coats of G&G HK Girl topcoat. Yup, four. But it was worth it!

On their own, the glitters were very dense, a little thick (but spread easily) and had a slight texture. They were simple and blingy and I love all three (especially the silver for some reason!) The satins had a great formula and would require only two coats for opacity. Personally, I love the satin finish…but they’re also amazing with topcoat because there’s so much shimmer.

Misa retails for $7.50. To order the Blink of an Eye Collection, visit the Misa website or call 888-733-6472 or 610-461-3616. Follow Misa on Facebook and Twitter and be one of the first followers on their brand new Instagram account for news and promotions.

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by Misa PR for my consideration. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Lisa N. says:

    Love the manicure you created with the Misa colors!! Gorgeous! I cannot wait to participate in the February prompt too! The first one was so fun :)

  2. Ivy says:

    Lovely! The colour palette is wonderful, and it just looks flawless :D

  3. Thank you for sharing the info about February prompt, I am also a huge fan of Misa nail polish.

  4. Squeaky Q says:

    I love this design! The sparkly shades are a great touch :)

  5. The Jedi Wife says:

    This is gorgeous! Fishtail nail art is my favorite, and this collection plays so perfectly together for it! <3

  6. Anne says:

    Wow! You are so talented!

  7. Jess Scull says:

    Holy cow this is amazing

  8. Lou says:

    This is just STUNNING!

  9. This mani is amazing!! <3

  10. Lisa Heath says:

    I want to lick your nails. Not even going to hide it

  11. very pretty! this would be perfect for fall!

  12. Love it! The colours are great and I have no idea how you created such a perfect fishtail <3

  13. Wow wow wow Leslie! These are perfect! While these aren’t colors I would think to put together, they look awesome!

  14. Shipra says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  15. Deborah says:

    The color combination is perfect – it works both for the winter time as well as warmer days!

  16. Kelly R says:

    I don’t like this mani at all. I freaking LOVE it!

  17. gnarlygnails says:

    LOVE the interesting combination of colors you used for this!

  18. Michelle Rucker says:

    These are probably my most favorite colors used for fishtail nails. Very pretty and clean looking :)

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