Zoya Magical Pixie Collection Swatches and Review

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So I haven’t stalked a package this much since I was waiting for my acceptance to grad school! I was SUPER excited to see the new Zoya Magical Pixie Collection (original press release here). Pastels, texture, glitter AND holo…this trio is Spring Bling at it’s finest! The finish is a tad “chunkier” than earlier PixieDusts as we see the introduction of larger hex glitters. My photos don’t do the sparkliness justice, for sure.

Vega is described as a “blue, opal sparkle.” It has a warmer mint hue and the multi-sized holo and iridescent glitters really give it depth. This is a beautiful shade and it all works. 

Zoyal Magical Pixie Dust Vega

Zoya describes Lux as a “rose quartz sparkle textured PixieDust with mega hex iridescent particles.” Wow. Say that ten times fast! The silvery finish makes this shade subtle, but spectacular at the same time. Gorgeous

Zoyal Magical Pixie Dust Lux

And finally, this is Cosmo, a silver crystal sparkle made of multi-sized silver and holo glitters.  This is a perfect color for this particular finish!

Zoyal Magical Pixie Dust Cosmo

The key to PixieDust application is thin coats. Let it dry completely for the maximum effect. For best results, don’t use base coat or top coat (however, I’m sure these would be amazing with a shiny finish too!) The Magical Pixie formula was exactly as I expected. I’m a huge fan of these shades. There’s something about the soft colors with the hard lines that appeals to me. And can I tell you that I LOVE three and four piece collections?! Narrowing down ideas to this small number is no modest feat! I think it forces a brand to pick the best of the best and most often I love the result!

There’s not much time, but you can get a Mini Magical Pixie Trio (.25oz bottles) FREE with any purchase of $30 or more now through TOMORROW (2/19) on Zoya.com.  Use code: MAGIC at checkout. 

The Zoya Magical Pixie Collection is available now. Each polish retails for $10.00 each (US) and can be purchased at Zoya.com, select stores and spas and in ULTA beauty stores (not online). Zoya offers frequent promotions, so be sure to follow their Facebook to get the scoop!

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by Zoya for my consideration. This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. 10nicenails says:

    These look amazing on you! I’m getting mine today and you can bet I’ll be trying all three tonight!

  2. Jessica says:

    I hope mine arrive today! I can’t wait for these, all the more so after seeing your swatches!

  3. Anne says:

    You owe me a new keyboard because I just drooled all over this one. ;)

  4. These are amazing! I’m waiting at the door for mine…

  5. Lisa N. says:

    I seriously want these so bad! There gorgeous!

  6. Yea, I’m going to need all three of these….

  7. Danny says:

    Not sure about them… I think, I prefere the finer versions!

  8. fishgirl182 says:

    Wow these are so chunky and sparkly. I am not sure about them just yet but I am leaning towards yes.

  9. I just got Lux in an order today and will agree-gorgeous!

  10. Doria says:

    Whoa bling!!! Cannot wait to try these, they look amazing!

  11. MrsRobinson says:

    How many coats, on these?

  12. Jess Scull says:


  13. Kelly R says:

    These look stunning on you!

  14. I absolutely love these! Zoyas usually take several months to make it to South Africa and are a little tougher to get a hold of even when they do, but when these arrive I’ll have to stop making excuses and just get them! They’re stunning!

  15. Beautiful swatches! I’m afraid these may be too “lumpy” for me, but I am really digging the sparkle factor! :D

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