The Lacquer Legion: GLAM…Glam Nails with Morgan Taylor Night Owl and It’s My Party

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It’s the fourth Lacquer Legion and the prompt is GLAM! Be sure to post your glamorous manis all over the web today with the #LLglam hashtag so we can find you! Check out the Lacquer Legion Facebook where we’ll feature some of our faves at the end of the day. My glam mani was created using a creme and a glitter from Morgan Taylor. Originally only available to licensed techs, this professional brand is now available to everyone online. Read on for how I did this design, including some helpful tips. And learn more about Morgan Taylor…including where you can get it!

Morgan Taylor Night Owl and It's My Party - Lacquer Legion

I have to give a shout-out to my my daughter. She hated my first attempt at a GLAM mani (it was red and hot pink). She steered me in a different direction. I used Morgan Taylor Night Owl, a super vampy purple creme, and It’s My Party, a complex mix of fine and small glitters in a load of colors. I think I see light pink, magenta, gold, green, blue and teal. The overall look is a rose gold. It’s really beautiful. [Morgan Taylor images]

Morgan Taylor Night Owl and It's My Party

This was really simple using tape. I started with a base of Night Owl (two coats). Next I taped off and polished a large triangle at the cuticle with It’s My Party.  I was going to stop there, but decided to keep going…so I taped off a second, smaller triangle inside the first and polished it with Night Owl. I used Morgan Taylor Need for Speed topcoat and tried to be patient between steps. Had I known I would end up here…I would have started with a glitter base and taped off a wide “V” shape, then polished over the whole nail in Night Owl. My accent finger is two coats of It’s My Party over Night Owl. Great coverage with that glitter!

Morgan Taylor Night Owl and It's My Party - Lacquer Legion

Tips for Making it Perfect

A high resolution digital photo isn’t very forgiving…so being ultra-meticulous definitely isn’t necessary. But if you’re OCD about your tape manis like me, here are some tips:

  • PRE-CRISS-CROSS THE TAPE: Normally, I tape off one side of a triangle and then the other. But with a dark base and clear tape, sometimes it’s hard to get it centered and even. In this case, I just couldn’t get it right, so I criss-crossed the tape before I put it on the nail. It was easier to center that way.
  • SCOOT THE GLITTER: A glitter tape mani is tough. Any individual glitters that span across the tape and the nail are pulled up when the tape is removed, leaving an uneven edge.  To fix it, I use an orangewood stick or a nail from my other hand to “scoot” the glitter into a straight line.
  • FILL IN NAKED SPOTS: Getting the tape off quickly is important, so there isn’t time for multiple coats of glitter – which can mean bare spots. After I removed the tape, I used a teeny nail art brush to fill in any naked spots and clean up any jagged lines. Yes this means placing individual glitters. I’m crazy, I know.
  • TOPCOAT AND MORE TOPCOAT: I always use multiple coats of topcoat at the end of a tape mani. This smooths out the uneven surface. I hold my nails up to the light and add topcoat until the light reflection is straight (not disjointed). Usually it takes two coats, but sometimes three or four. In this case I used three.

My first exposure to Morgan Taylor was at Cosmoprof North America 2013. (I even met Morgan and Taylor!)  I’ve always been struck by how sophisticated the line is…from the beautiful bottles to the refined colors. Don’t get me wrong, it still includes plenty of fun, trendy shades and glitters too (see the latest collection here)…yet it all looks so cohesive and high end. 

Morgan Taylor was previously only available to pros; but now anyone can buy them online from Loxa Beauty. Polishes retail for $8.50 each. Learn more at and follow Morgan Taylor on Facebook and Twitter for news and promotions.


More on The Lacquer Legion: The Lacquer Legion, conceived by Sarah of Chalkboard Nails (work/play/polishThe Nailasaurus, and Rebecca Likes Nails are admins), releases a new nail art prompt every month. Join the fun by posting your mani on the designated day using the assigned hashtag. There’s no commitment…participate as much or as little as you’d like. Get involved in the community and show your stuff! Everyone is welcome! Follow The Lacquer Legion on Facebook for upcoming prompts and info.

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by Morgan Taylor for my consideration. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. This is gorgeous!! I love that glitter and the vampy V shape. And, great tips… I always find myself being stingy with topcoat and getting that “uneven” shine in photos. It’s so hard to use 2+ coats of my precious topcoats, especially on manis you know you aren’t planning to wear long. But your diligence pays off in your always-perfect photos! xx

  2. Holly says:

    Lovely! I love the glitter polish you used! Soooooo brilliant! I’ve tried a glam nail art for this challenge, would you like to check it out and let me know what you think about it? Ear you soon!

  3. The Jedi Wife says:

    I’ve had a lot going on recently and completely forgot about the LL prompt this month! I really like what you did with the “Glam” prompt: very classy and glamorous. :)

  4. Anne says:

    Stunning!! I always love your nail art!

  5. You’re a BOSS. It IS hard to do tape manis with glitter but you’d never know it by your mani! xo

  6. Beautiful! :) You do such a great job with tape manis!! <3

  7. Deborah says:

    I looooove the contrast in this look, so stunning!

  8. Emilly says:

    beautiful, beautiful!! amazing nail design!

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