Rainbow-y Holo Rainbow with the Cirque Heritage Collection

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Hello friends! I’m going to pretend it’s Thursday and not Wednesday because time has stopped this week at work. But fortunately, when life seems loooong, it takes very little to entertain me. Case in point – I always use “rainbow-y” to describe holo polish, so I contemplated naming the post “Holo Rainbow Rainbow”. Then I decided it would just look like a typo. I’m not sure my new name is any better; but it did give me a small (very small) giggle. LOL. Today’s look was created using all seven polishes in the Cirque Colors Heritage Collection (press release here). Um, wow. These are all so pretty – every single one!

Cirque Heritage Collection Rainbow Nail Art

I’m obsessed with stripes. It’s like the only idea that comes into my head lately. I guess I like the clean lines. I used Sani, a silver holo foil, as my base. I wanted to do this with just one round of tape…which took some planning: 


  1. I put my polishes in the order I wanted them and roughly eyeballed my stripe width based on seven polishes. I used striping tape to get a clean edge on the bottom of the second stripe from the cuticle. Using a striping brush, I free-handed every other stripe. I didn’t worry about the thickness of the stripes or getting a clean edge. From top to bottom, the Cirque polishes are Panacea (coral), Cerrillos (turquoise) and Xochiti (orchid). I used one coat of HK Girl topcoat and waited about 15 minutes.
  2. Next I taped off the remaining stripes, making sure the tape was on the outside of the stripe. If you make the space between the striping tape even…then this second round will be too skinny.
  3. Then I filled in with the remaining colors: Powwow (pink), Luminous Owl (green), and Sky Woman (blue). This covered up the free-handed edges of the first round and made all the edges sharp. I removed the tape immediately after polishing each color and touched up any wonky spots with a nail art brush.
  4. Finally, I finished with two coats of topcoat to make it smooth. Don’t be afraid to really load it on. This tape mani wasn’t too thick and uneven, but there are times when I use up to four coats.

Cirque Heritage Collection Rainbow Nail Art

My favorites are Cerrillos and  Xochiti, but like I said…they are all beautiful! They each have a great holo finish and a fantastic formula. I wore Powwow for a day (and I’m a bad blogger because I didn’t even get a cell phone pic of it!). I got lots of compliments and zero tip wear. This is a great collection. Annie has such an eye for detail.

The Cirque Colors Heritage Collection is available now at www.cirquecolors.com for $13 each.  For other retailers, visit the “Stockists” page.  For Cirque news and releases, follow Cirque on facebooktwitter and instagram.

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by Cirque Colors for my consideration. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Suzann says:

    Absolutely genius technique and beautiful results! I love it!

  2. Chantel says:

    Gorgeous manicure.

  3. Anna says:

    Swit swoon! This is gorgeous! Love the tutorial illustration too

  4. Lisa N. says:

    These are gorgeous! Thanks for the image on how you achieve them too :)

  5. LaraLeaf says:

    I love the clean lines that a taped mani gives you also. I just need to not let all the various bits of tape on my nails intimidate me! Sometimes when I have a few pieces of tape down, I wish I had a couple of extra arms/hands. Then I go down one of those stream of conscious things and wonder how would coordinated I would (or not) be. Then I snap back to the mani and freak trying to get the tape up before it dries and messes everything up! Yes, I love taped manis. :D

    These polishes are beautiful, btw!

  6. Jenna says:

    I LOATHE striping tape. I cannot seem to get the hang of it; heck, sometimes I can’t even get it to peel off the roll! I bought several rolls from some random seller in China off eBay. Is there better quality striping tape out there (and can you tell me where to get it?), or is it the nature of the beast and just beyond my all-thumbs lack of striping-tape savvy?

  7. Ayaka says:

    This looks absolutely spectacular!

  8. Caroline says:

    wonderful manicure, the stripes are definitely a win! really, really lovely. But, one question: You use up to four coats of topcoat? Really?

  9. That is SO PRETTY!! I always refer to holos as ‘rainbowy’ too :D :D :D
    Great idea with the striping tape… it can be such a pain getting even lines and waiting for things to dry several times in one mani. Brilliant! xx

  10. Dieithryn says:

    Absolutely stunning! Love the whole effect, the holos work so wonderfully in a rainbow :-)

  11. Deborah says:

    A gorgeous look and surprisingly “easy” (though still a lot of work!) for such an amazing look. One little thing though: you mixed up the coral and green shade by name ;-).

  12. Аnna says:

    Beautiful design!

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