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Happy Monday! I have lots of awesome stuff to share this morning! Stick around to the end to enter my international giveaway featuring the new book Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure by Suzanne Shapiro and the polish created by OPI just for the book’s release (and not available for purchase anywhere)! Read on to learn about Nails and get the skinny on the polish direct from the author!

OPI Switchboard Starlet and Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure

In Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure from Prestel Publishing, author Suzanne Shapiro thoughtfully chronicles the fascinating 3,000 year old history of the modern manicure. Starting in ancient times and concluding with current nail trends, the book is illustrated with lots of pop culture images, fashion photography and classic adverting. Nails also features six photo essays, including my favorite, a visit to the OPI factory. Throughout the book, I learned some truly incredible facts and made many “aha!” cultural connections I hadn’t thought of before. For instance, the popularity of nail lacquer in the 1920s was boosted in part by the attractiveness of a woman smoking a cigarette. Makes sense, doesn’t it? For a nail polish-obsessed book nerd like me, Nails is great read and an awesome addition to The Mani Cave. It would make a nice gift for any manicure lover.

Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure

Exclusive Polish – OPI Switchboard Starlet

To accompany the release, Shapiro had the awesome opportunity to create a special OPI promotional polish. Only 1,000 bottles of Switchboard Starlet, a silky-smooth, semi-sheer, watermelon red, was produced for certain media contacts, book event guests, and attendees of Book Expo America (a publishing conference). Switchboard Starlet does not come with the book and isn’t available for purchase by consumers.

20140509-opi-switchboard-starlet-3I used my bottle of Switchboard Starlet to create the look  that sparked the polish…a 20’s inspired half-moon mani. The polish shows some some nail line, but just the slightest bit. The consistency is dreamy. (I used three coats below.)

OPI Switchboard Starlet and Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure

Q&A with Suzanne Shapiro

As a researcher at The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Suzanne Shapiro is highly qualified to write this story. Both NAILS and Nail It! magazines have recently featured great interviews with Shapiro (go check them out!). I had the opportunity to ask her some questions myself, so I (of course) honed right in on the polish!

WPP: Did you set out to collaborate with OPI or did that evolve during your research?

Shapiro: Last year, I was lucky enough to go on a factory tour of OPI in Hollywood, and we shot a behind-the-scenes photo essay that appears in the book. While there, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann generously offered to produce a promotional shade in honor of Nails. Of course I was thrilled!

WPP: What was the inspiration behind Switchboard Starlet? What part of the idea came first? The name? An era? The color or finish?

Shapiro: The finish and color came first. As a “manicure historian,” I’ve always wanted to find more semi-sheer nail polishes whose finishes are closer to the quality of 1920s and ’30s polishes. I happen to love that era of the “moon manicure” and the slightly translucent color that usually went with it. I thought a watermelon-red would be great for this vintage style and appeal to everyone who enjoys red, pink, or coral, and Suzi found the perfect formula.I named it Switchboard Starlet as a tribute to the first generation of nail-painting women, including the leading ladies who epitomized Hollywood glamour and all the working women who made beautiful nails a part of their personal style.

I didn’t learn until later that my close friend’s grandmother had been a switchboard operator who always sported a chic manicure. I was so happy to give that lovely lady one of the first bottles!

WPP: Suzi Weiss-Fischmann is nail polish royalty. Did you get to collaborate with her personally to develop the polish? What was that like?

Shapiro: I did, and she’s wonderful! It’s amazing how someone with such a demanding schedule can be so responsive to every detail, and it’s clear how passionate Suzi is about color and fashion.

WPP: In the book, you discuss the impact the web has made on the modern manicure. I knew there were a lot of nail blogs, but I was shocked to read that NAILS Magazine estimates there are over 35,000! Do you think society’s current obsession with all things nails has peaked? What role, if any, do you see bloggers play in the next evolution of manicure?

Shapiro: I hope not! What I tried to convey in my book is how nail fashions have adapted to women’s changing values over the years. Whatever the future holds, I highly doubt that we’ll abandon the appealing, expressive, and accessible virtues of the manicure. As the nail care industry offers an ever-increasing array of products and new boutique brands spring up each year, the widely-circulated opinions of nail bloggers will help insure that quality and uniqueness will continue to matter. And when it comes to nail art, more and more people will be inspired to take a short-term risk and try something bold and new!

While Switchboard Starlet isn’t available for purchase, Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure can be found at major bookstores and for $21.86. Like Nails and Prestel Publishing on facebook for more info.


Now it’s your turn to win a copy of the book and a bottle of OPI Switchboard Starlet! This giveaway is open internationally. Please read the Terms & Conditions in Rafflecopter for the complete rules. Good luck!

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Disclosure: The book and polish for this post and giveaway were provided by Prestel Publishing. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

Please leave a comment. I read every single one!

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  1. I think few of mine might be…like Picture Polish Borealis and the rest of the LE from that release but I don’t really have super sought after LE polishes I don’t think

  2. Nicole O. says:

    —————– a limited edition polish that is super special to me is sally hansen’s “gilded lily” which was a designer collaboration with prabal gurung .

    it’s the most beautiful gold polish i’ve come across .

    my only regret is not getting backups . i’m dreading the day it runs out . :(

  3. Rosemary says:

    I have a lot go limited edition Chanel polishes and indie polishes. Also a few special OPI collaboration shades like the one made for All For Me subscribers.

  4. Teresa koedyker says:

    No I do not. Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. Holly says:

    One LE polish I own that is extremely special to me is a group LE by Jindie Nails. Our group is such a positive, loving and happy place, so every time I wear that polish it brings up happy thoughts & memories.

  6. Krystan says:

    Sadly, I came into the polish world late and don’t have the amazing limited editions that a lot of you big bloggers have. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Christina says:

    No HTF, limited edition polishes (yet). :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Nornee says:

    I don’t own any special LE polishes, but I’d like to! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Елена says:

    Thanks for giveaway!!

  10. Danny says:

    I own OPI Midnight Blue Glitter. Does that count as super special and limited? :)

  11. Robin says:

    Mhh, I don’t own any suuuper special limited edition polishes, except for IPO’s Push and Shove from the Gwen Stefani collection. I guess that can count as sort of limited edition right? :)

  12. Loris Ayoub says:

    Sadly never bought any good nail polishes

  13. Katheryn says:

    I don’t. I have LE polishes, but nothing I would consider to be super rare or expensive.

  14. April Walsh says:

    Can’t wait to read this!!

  15. April Walsh says:

    Oops no I don’t own any….yet…lol I plan on winning this one however!

  16. Moni says:

    What an interesting book! I’d love to read it from front to back. As somebody who was always intereated in cultural history and the aesthetic side of it and a polishaholic and painter :-)
    Since I have no budget for the book in the moment, it would be a dream to win the book … and the polish, of course, too.

    I own, due to my budget, not one single special or exclusive polish. (If you disregard the exclusivity and limitation of a frankenpolish … and a few “simple LE polishes from the cheapest brands …) so I’d be more than thrilled to receive this one.

    Although I’m not a red lover, this polish is so very classic, that I really like it. But part of this is your elegant vintage manicure. It is just right for the polish and the book!

    So, now I leave my very best wishes from Berlin to you and go and cross fingers for myself! ;-)

  17. Sandra Li says:

    No I don’t! Thanks for this giveaway!

  18. kendra says:

    Sadly, I don’t think I own any limited edition polishes :(

  19. Eleanor says:

    I have a few LE colors, but mainly from indies. I don’t think I own any of the really sought after ones!

  20. Amy Castle says:

    I have a couple bottles of the OMG China Glaze holographics. I’m to scared to use them. :-/

  21. Monna says:

    I own one of OPI Designer Series, and even though it isn’t as exclusive as the color in this giveaway, it feels very special to me :)
    I love the idea of a book devoted to manicure, and I hope to be able to get a copy in Brazil.

  22. Cat says:

    I don’t think I really have any “super sought after” polishes… some discontinued Ozotics I have might be considered sought after now!

  23. I don’t think I own any super special polishes at all. And that’s a shame cuz it would be too cool! :D But I would probably be scared to use it lol. xx

  24. Danielle says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Some limited edition HTF polishes I own include OPI Absolutely Alice, an assortment of the China Glaze holo (OMG) polishes and OPI holos including Standing Room only, What’s Dune, and Blue Moon Lagoon!

  25. Christina says:

    Unfortunately, no. :(

  26. Jackie says:

    Don’t have any yet! Would love this one.

  27. Jenn says:

    I do have some old, rare polishes but nothing limited edition like this.

  28. Sanne Helene says:

    I own some special polishes, but they are more like old ones or from collections.

  29. Tinka says:

    Hmmm, super special limited edition polishes I own would probably be all 4 OPI glow in the darks from different Halloween collections, some China Glaze OMGs and Ninja Polish Alexandrite. Can’t think of any other popular ones right now..

    Switchboard Starlet also reminds me of the OPI Texas Sorbets. Looks great on you!

  30. Tory C. says:

    I don’t, but I would love to. My job is even Switchboard operator, I was born to win this! :-P

  31. Trina says:

    I have Enchanted Polish Dream On and EP Up in Smoke is on it’s way. Those are exclusives and they’re pretty hard to get so I guess that sort of counts. :)

  32. Mary P says:

    I have 2 Lynnderella LE’s.

  33. teroristka says:

    How amazing!!!

  34. Sabrina says:

    I do not own any limited edition polishes. I love red polishes, and would love to add the beauty to my growing stash.

  35. Angel Wong says:

    I don’t own any… Unless you count the limited edition polishes from various brands which all nail polish fans already have! =!

  36. Yes, I have an all you opi that was exclusive for signing up for the all you magazine.

  37. I own a few by Ninja Polish you can no longer get, but that’s about it.

  38. april brooks says:

    I have China Glaze OMG, L8R G8TR, & 2NITE!

    Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!

  39. Catherine B says:

    I don’t think I have any super rare LE polishes.

  40. I have a few epic LEs, like OPI Mad As A Hatter and Clarins 230. I’ve got some amazing friends that have gifted me with a lot of my special polishes over the years :)

    Great post! The book seriously sounds like such a fun read and that color looks like a dream! Thanks for the opportunity doll <3

  41. Dany says:

    I don’t have any limited edition polishes, sadly enough :(

  42. Jessi N says:

    I don’t yet…but would love to own one ~ Thank you for the giveaway!

  43. AshleyR says:

    I think the only extra-special polish I have is an original bottle of OPI My Private Jet… I love it! Also have a bottle of OPI Catch Me In Your Net, which seems to be going for a pretty penny on E-Bay.

  44. Erinn Johns says:

    I own Taylor’s Gift. It is a limited edition for organ donation.

  45. madlovenailart says:

    Hi! I enter the giveaway. I don’t own any super limited nail polish , so I would loooooove to win one !

  46. akemii says:

    thanks for having an international giveaway!

  47. arias says:

    I don’t really own anything rare, I think :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Karin Shaim says:

    no! sadly I don’t own a limited addition nailpolish

  49. Amanda says:

    I do not have any LE polishes, but I’d sure like to. Thank you for having this giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  50. Jenny Burns says:

    Nope, no special nail polish for me
    Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize! xx

  51. Madeline says:

    I finally got China Glaze Fortune Teller, which is pretty super special to me!

    A couple years ago I fell in love with Pahlish Roses in Her Eyes, which had just been discontinued. The creator of Pahlish custom-made one for me. That’s pretty super special, too.

  52. I own a few of the charity limited edition polishes from Colors by Llarowe. I think only 250 of each were released?

  53. Aytch Lim says:

    Sadly, no :/
    Hopefully I’d get my first here ? ;)
    Thanks for the giveaway~

  54. samantha crowe says:

    Not really super special.. but I own Picture Polish’s Aurora and Solar Flare. And Glam Polish’s There’s a Jungle Cat in the Bathroom.

  55. Lisa N. says:

    How cool! Its a gorgeous color too.

  56. Hadas Drukker says:

    My most LE polish will be Max Factor Fantasy Fire :)

  57. Melissa says:

    I do have a few limited edition polishes, but I don’t chase them the way I used to–it’s too expensive for stuff that generally is duped SOMEWHERE.

  58. What’s With the Cattitude by OPI…I never thought of it as being that unique until I saw it on everyone’s wishlists. I’m glad I gt a bottle!

  59. LaNae H says:

    I don’t own any limited edition polishes, but this one is absolutely gorgeous!!

  60. Emily says:

    I don’t own any LE polishes (somehow I always find out too late that they’re limited). I’m desperately searching for a bottle of Rainbow Honey’s “Muffins” that won’t cost me a ton of money though…

  61. Amie says:

    I own two of the OPI Nicole Gumdrops colors which I believe were limited edition but those would be the only ones.

  62. Alicia says:

    I do…I try to get back ups so I don’t use them up!!

  63. Deborah says:

    Any super special limited editions.. I do own some that became HTF, but nothing this exclusive :D!

  64. No, I don’t really own any super special limited edition polishes. :( That would be fun!

  65. Irina G. says:

    Sorry to say, I don’t have any limited editions.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. Emily says:

    Such a gorgeous red, perfect for the upcoming summer months! I don’t think I own any super special limited polishes.. I only recently started being obsessed with nail polish because I just grew out my nails after 20 years of biting them to nothing. I’m now having lots of manicure fun, and of course my polish collection has grown probably 6x in the past 6 months… >.>

  67. Wow! Only 1,000 bottles! Too cool for school! Great interview WPP – I enjoyed reading it.

  68. Jen P says:

    I do! Courage Brain Heart by Colors by Llarowe comes to mind first.

  69. Nikki says:

    I don’t own anything super special, but I definitely wish that I did!

  70. Sara says:

    I own a few special polishes, all from indie makers who are friends!

  71. Kairi says:

    I have a few limited edition polishes but I wouldn’t say they’re super limited edition ones. Except one, I haven’t seen it anywhere else besides a gift box it was in and there aren’t any for sale anymore. It’s sweet candy ice cream scented polish from Alessandro, a hot pink. It came together with hand lotion and was only in a mini bottle. Actually I have never seen that set on sale. If I’m wrong, do let me know. I’d love to get my hands on that polish again :D

  72. Shang J. says:

    Ah no I don’t. But I so wish did. Limited edition stuff makes me feel so special haha. x

  73. Barrie Jo H. says:

    I’m a new collector and no I don’t have any super special limited edition polishes – YET! That’s a lovely color and the book sounds intriguing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Nina :) says:

    Oh, what a gorgeous color! I do not own any super special limited edition polishes, so this would be a dream to own! Thank you SO much for this amazing giveaway! :)

  75. Jennifer R. says:

    I won 3 mini bottles of Enchanted Polish a year or 2 ago. The polishes are Disco Barbie, Awesomeness and Marge’s Blue Beehive. Because she doesn’t usually make minis, I consider them special :)

  76. PolishPig says:

    I own Taylor Blue by OPI and NNSN by Pretty Serious. I can’t think of any other right now. I have a few unusual polishes though, like Clarins 230, OPI Rainforest and China Glaze Moonpool, not to mention most of the OPI Yokohamas and all of the OPI DS. I would love to win this polish and book,I started my polish interest long before the boom and the book looks like a great read.

  77. Rebecca R. says:

    I don’t own anything HTF that I can think of (and I own >500 polishes). There are a few on my wishlist though!

  78. Jen K says:

    This is such a fantastic giveaway! I would be beyond happy to win the book OR the polish, so to win both together would be amazing. I don’t own any super special limited polish (at least to my knowledge). I got one of Dior’s holiday polishes this year (which was hard to get), but idk that it’s considered LE HTF.

  79. Melody Lu says:

    I picked up zoya’s Peter som limited edition trio this year, but that’s about it! Living in Canada makes it harder to get ahold of indies and LEs :(

  80. Angbryn says:

    This shade is so gorgeous!

  81. Lisa says:

    Juicy! Pick me!

  82. Laura says:

    Wow, the book kind of blows my mind. How amazing would it be as a coffee table book?? Thanks for sharing the chance to win the book and the polish. Shame it’s going to be LE, Shapiro and OPI really nailed the color and I’d love to get my mitts on it!

    • Laura says:

      Wah, should have checked for the comment question first! I own Fingerpaints Lilac Lagoon and the red from the Loreal Miss Candy collection. They’re not necessarily rare or HTF, but they’re two of my most favorites and I’m gutted that they were both limited edition!

  83. Rose Wang says:

    I don’t own any super special limited edition nail polishes…but that’s okay. We can’t all be winners all the time :)

  84. Nova says:

    I wish I owned any special limited edition polishes…maybe some of my polishes will become LE someday haha!

  85. Cindi says:

    I have the Nicole by OPI Dove Chocolate Sweepstakes polishes from the recent giveaway and I have the Nicole OPI Special K polishes from 2013’s offer.

  86. PamelaW says:

    I do not own a super limited edition nail polish.

  87. Katherine says:

    Omg! What a beautiful colour! I could hardly see the VNL and it’s too beautiful a shade to matter. Suzanne and Suzi really did a great job, and the idea of the book is genius. I feel like some people are so into nails as a hobby and don’t really know where it came from. I’d love to read it.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any LE’s although despite the price tag I’d die for for a bottle of Clarins 230 =X haha

  88. rachlovespenguins says:

    The colour and finish of this are just gorgeous! I own some retired shades and things from LE collections but not really anything I’d consider super-limited edition or hard to find.

  89. Beth L says:

    No LE’s, But lots of older HTF OPI’s. Thanks for the opportunity!

  90. elci says:

    The Enchanted Polish Mishkas which I will treasure forever, as well as some LE Colors by Llarowe, Picture Polish and some others. Although that LE terms gets bandied about a little too liberally sometimes, since a lot of these shades end up coming back (which is great!!)

  91. Kim P says:

    I own one of the first batch of Lucky 13 Lacquer’s “Softening the Bad Things”… I pulled over on the side of the road as I was driving so that I wouldn’t miss it when she released it.

  92. Marissa H. says:

    Unfortunately I don’t own any limited edition polishes, but it would be super cool to. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to wear them because I’d want to keep the forever though.

  93. Julie says:

    I don’t own any special/limited edition polishes, but I would love to!

  94. Georgina says:

    The book sounds amazing, I love history books. The polish would be an amazing addition to my fast growing. I want to win this pack so much! I want to go off and do a half-moon manicure right now!

    • Georgina says:

      Opps, I got so excited, I forgot to answer the question. I have a few that are limited editions from aussie indies, but nothing at this scale of exclusivity!

  95. Jayme says:

    What a gorgeous orange polish! The only LE polish that I own is the Julep Love polish that was a gift from Julep CEO Jane Park in the February Maven box. I would love to add OPI Switchboard Starlet to my LE arsenal!

  96. Bethany says:

    No, I don’t own any. :( The closest I have is OPI What’s With The Cattitude, which is running for about $31 on Ebay now. Thanks for this opportunity!

  97. Kailey says:

    I own OPI 50 Is The New Fabulous and OPI Pop The Cork!, which are limited edition, made just for Sally Beauty Supply’s 50 year anniversary

  98. Garritas Linderrimas says:

    I do, only a few. I got into nail art less than a year ago, so I’m hopeful that my collection of LE polish will grow :)

  99. Kelsey Keefe says:

    Outside of LE & custom indies, I own the NOPI Dove Chocolate colors that were part of a contest in February… but I think there were like 20,000 winners of that! hehe. This color is so pretty. *_*

  100. Ling says:

    No, I wish!

  101. Dawn Anderson says:

    Unfortunately I don’t own limited edition polish – my current favorite is OPI Tiffany Case. <3 the texture polishes!!

  102. Yvonne says:

    Fingers crossed!

  103. Yvonne says:

    Hope this comment works keep getting errors… but I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  104. Lindsey says:

    I saw your post on ig and had to check it out…now I want this book, not to mention the polish! Thanks for sharing!

  105. Kim says:

    No special edition! Closest would probably be the clarins 230!

  106. Melanie says:

    I don’t have any LEs yet but would love to start collecting ;)

  107. I currently don’t own any very special polishes, but I’ve hit a plateau with my collection and I’m always on the lookout for rare/HTF colors!

  108. stephanie ramalho says:

    I’ve bought LE polishes before (Cult Nails, PP..)

  109. Taraneh says:

    Wow, this is great

  110. Emmy says:

    Awesome giveaway, this book sounds really interesting and the nail polish is beautiful and classy. I don’t own any super limited edition nail polish, except for the PP LE collection. :)

  111. Yen-Ju Tsai says:

    I own “Black Spotted” by OPI!

  112. ariadna says:

    in love with this giveaway!

  113. Kami Dumis says:

    I don’t own any LE OR HTF polishes that I know of. I look forward to your posts so I can drool over your nail/polish/cuticle perfection! Damn thyroid disease. LOL

  114. Lulu says:

    I used to own some iudie treasures)) I’d love to get this!

  115. Kate L says:

    I have the OPI black spotted top coat that was only released in Europe. That’s the only real rarity in my collection.

  116. Gracie H says:

    No, I don’t have any but I would love some!! Maybe this will be my opportunity to start a collection of them, haha :)!

  117. What an amazing giveaway! You are SO lucky to be involved in this!! I have some of the Lacquer Lust birthstone collection polishes, which were LE and I remember skipping lunch at work so I could be at my desk refreshing when they went up for sale. I have some of Picture Polish’s latest LE multichromes :D I also have a few bottles of Max Factor Fantasy Fire, which is available here (Aus) and in the UK, but not in many countries, and it’s very pretty and sought-after so I guess it’s sort of special! And of course I consider my indies to be special, since most of them aren’t being made anymore.

    *phew* what a ramble, eh? I do not have anything as special as Switchboard Starlet, that’s for sure! Also, I’m a geek for things like this and really want a copy of that book. I’ll buy it if I have to, but I sure hope I can win it and that gorgeous polish!! :D

  118. Amy says:

    I think most of my polish are limited editions, but nothing exclusive or hard to find that I know of.

  119. Keri says:

    A few, but from Indie brands that tend to do way more limited releases than big brands! I have 1 of 10 from Eat Sleep Polish, 1 of 80 from Chirality. :)

  120. Jay C says:

    I have Opi Switchboard Starlet, snagged a couple bottles at an event in NYC also purchased the book, the pics are awesome!! Hmmm LE or HTF polishes, I have a couple bottles a Floam, a couple Lynnderella polishes. I think Floam is special to me because I basically stalked the internet for restock info lol. There was nothing like it at the time.

  121. sienna says:

    i’m not sure if it counts, but i have a couple chanel polishes thatwere seasonal releases.

  122. Nienke says:

    I own only one OPI polish, let alone LE’s!! Except ones from Catrice, but they aren’t very ‘limited’ or ‘special’ :P I don’t have any colour even slightly similar to this in my collection, would love to have it! <3

  123. Raquel says:

    Nothing super LE but some that are hard to come by these days.

  124. Lin says:

    I have some VHTF older polishes, but I can’t think of too many LE’s that I own. Love this color though! I think it beautifully captures that vintage feel they were going for. That book sound very interesting.

  125. Vanessa Matos says:

    I just have limited edition of some Essence polishes, it’s why I would love to win this one!

  126. L says:

    This is absolutely adorable and I need it.

  127. I own a few LE indies but nothing super rare – I wish lol!

  128. Kristen L says:

    I crave limited release polishes; it’s a sickness really. Picture Polish Borealis is probably the rarest, but I have the rest of that collection like Aurora, Gravity, etc. as well. I also have a bunch of CbL limited edition releases like the P series and Ted’s Laugh. Basically I’m a rare polish hoarder. Oy.

  129. Hazel Christopher says:

    I think I do but couldn’t say off the top of my head :) X

  130. Joyce says:

    I don’t think they were super special limited, but since the company doesn’t exist anymore I consider my Ozotic 600-series polishes the most special ones I have. I didn’t want to buy them at the time but my husband went behind my back and ordered them anyway without me knowing. After I found out Ozotic would cease to exist I checked back but they were already sold out. You can imagine my birthday present that year was absolutely the best ever! :D

  131. ange says:

    I have OPI Sandy Hook Green, and I have tons of old vintage stuff that’s not around anymore like Urban Decay Id, Toxin and Versace V2077 or whatever its number is. I never wear it I just hoard it lol

  132. MarciaF says:

    I don’t have any exclusive anymore though I do have some coveted polishes from long ago.

  133. Jenna says:

    Nope, not yet at least.


  134. I don’t own any special limited edition polishes.

  135. Meagan says:

    I have a few LE polishes, but since I only seriously started collecting a little over a year and a half ago, I don’t have to many.

  136. Rachel C. says:

    Nope, I don’t own a single limited edition polish. There are plenty that I have wanted though! But my nail polish obsession is fairly new, so I have hope that I’ll have some limited editions one day! Thank you for the giveaway!

  137. Alexandra Cîrlea says:

    I don’t, but I would love to.
    I don’t have instagram, sorry!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  138. Cathy M says:

    I guess I do own some that have be DC’d, but it doesn’t really matter since I’ll never let any of them go, haha!

  139. Trillina Palemi says:

    no :(

  140. Amy Duke says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I buy a lot of indie polishes, so most of them are LE for the most part. My most recent LE was Picture Polish Aurora. :)

  141. Gretchen B says:

    I don’t own any LE polishes. I had won the Dove chocolate polishes, but they were misdelivered by the mailman.

  142. Monet says:

    Since I have recently started really collecting nail polish I don’t own any super rare polishes but there are a few that I would love to have. Learning more and more about polish I can’t help but feel like I should have started collecting sooner.

  143. Samantha says:

    Do you own any super special limited edition polishes?

    Yes! I was able to purchase Picture Polish Aurora and Solar Flare! which I love and use sparingly

  144. lisa chapman says:

    Oh, I love this color!! As far as I know, none of my polish is a special limited edition..

  145. Stephanie says:

    I own lots!

  146. Tyler Vivier says:

    Meep No limited Edition polishes :(, they never make their way down to South Africa.

  147. Michelle says:

    I don’t have a super special limited edition polishes. Someday…

  148. Krystalline says:

    I forked over the dough for a preciousl bottle of ‘unicorn pee’ (Clarins 230), and it is GORGEOUS. I’m hoping over time to add to the stash of rare pretties. :)

  149. I have a few LE indie polishes, Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed will always be my favorite LE!

  150. MelodyJ says:

    I have a green that was a gift with purchase from Ulta a couple of years ago.

  151. Kat Dinges says:

    I WISH I owned super limited edition polishes!!!

  152. rotem says:

    I’m the proud owner of zoya’s peter somm trio However this trio sits at my sister house in the US. In august I could play .
    My other ;limited edition the Zang 2013 Zoya got released as part as zoya regular collection. Now I don’t have to fear breaking my beloved emerald green

  153. Tara Russo says:

    Don’t have any LEs yet, but would love to start a small collection with Switchboard Starlet!

  154. Lisa N. says:

    No, I don’t own any special edition polishes.

  155. No LE polishes yet :( Thanks for the giveaway!!

  156. Rose J. says:

    The only polish I have that is close to LE is Max Factor Fantasy Fire (2 bottles!). I consider it LE only because it’s not sold in the States. I do have some discontinued OPIs that make me very happy — Apple of My Eye and OPI & Apple Pie.

  157. Alicia says:

    i dont own any

  158. Stephanie Shipley says:

    I have a few special edition nail polish shades that were curated for subscription boxes I have received.

  159. Rebecca wade says:

    I am the proud owner of a bottle of the original GOSH HOLOGRAPHIC :) I have a few “special/ limited” polishes, enchanted polish a little fishy told me, opi spotted, gosh rainbow, Sally Hansen prisms, but Gosh is a favourite as I am a big holo fan :)

  160. Sara says:

    I own some LE from Chanel and Dior.

  161. Erin says:

    I have Essie’s Starry Starry Night, which I obtained almost by accident before it became super hard to find.

  162. Jaryn says:

    I have the entire OPI Shrek collection, which I guess is made up of HTFs. Thanks for the giveaway!

  163. Erin M. says:

    I have OPI Absolutely Alice, which I never ever use because I don’t have a backup and I never want it to run out.

  164. Colleen Boudreau says:

    No I don’t.

  165. Zoey says:

    No, this will be my first!

  166. Denise F says:

    My Enchanted Polish collection is pretty special to me!

  167. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    No I do not own any limited edition polishes. I love your nails and manicures.

  168. alexandra-elisabet dorofte says:

    i don’t own any super special limited edition polishes

  169. Anastasiya says:

    I have Chanel Jade :)

  170. Jaclyn says:

    They are all special to me! But I don’t own any LE.

  171. Krista says:

    I have Rainbow Honey The Changeling Queen, China Glaze Ulta-mate Holiday, and some older OPIs such as Movin’ Out and Canadian Maple Leaf. I also own some of the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms and some of the Finger Paints flakies from the original run as well.

  172. Sarah says:

    Just have some LE Mary Kay.

  173. Georgia Karantani says:

    Not yet!!!

  174. Marina K. says:

    Unfortunately I don’t – I mostly buy drugstore brands, though

  175. Наталья says:

    No I have not. Thank you for the giveaway!

  176. Jessica says:

    I have a bottle of OPI Man Repeller, which I actually really love. :)

  177. Lorraine says:

    I own a polish manufactured by revlon for my husband’s company special event. It has is the color of the company logo and it is named after the company. Not sure how many of these were released, but it was only for those who attended that event. this book sounds fabulous! thx for the chance to win.

  178. Sonya Parks says:

    I don’t know if it is limited or not, but my son bought me the OPI nail polish with the real gold in it.

  179. ISA VAL says:

    No I do not. Thanks for chance! :)

  180. Tanyatopia says:

    I have a few that I cherish. Different Dimension Rainbows and Butterflies, and the limited edition Christmas trio from Polished by KPT, Serum No.5 and Lacquer Lust. The crown of my collection is a bottle of Solar Flare from Picture Polish. I love them all!

  181. Debra Q says:

    No. and I wish I did,lol. so I really hope to win this one♥

  182. No, I don’t own anything rare in my collection. In some ways I wish I did, but in other ways I’m glad I don’t. I would be hesitant to use it I think and then what would be the point?

    Great interview by the way. You asked some really great questions!

  183. Amanda Lawson says:

    Sadly no. Would love to own one though! Thanks for the chance!

  184. Stephanie S. says:

    I have an LE bottle of A Girl Obsessed’s 24 Kernal Gold which was an LE made for the 2014 MTV Movie Awards!!! I love it!!!

  185. Kate K says:

    The only special LE I own would be Color by Llarowe’s Wind Beneath My Wings, of which 200 were made.

  186. marissa says:

    No and i would love to!

  187. Terri Carsten says:

    Nope, not a one!

  188. brenda says:

    opi outrageous neons !

  189. Em Moore says:

    I don’t own any super special limited edition polishes, closest I get is Max Factor Fantasy Fire, or a couple of older polishes that are no longer made.

  190. Melissa Z says:

    Just resently I got some of julie g’s cruse LE polishes that really like. I really don’t own any super special limited edition polishes yet.
    Thanks for this cool giveaway.

  191. Sabrina says:

    I do not own any limited edition polishes

  192. Natalie Brown says:

    Hi! I don’t own any super special limited polishes. It’s kind of strange actually because I’m a nail polish (hoarder) collector. lol This book looks awesome! Thank-you!!

  193. Cristina Popescu says:

    No I do not have any limited edition. Thank you for this super giveaway!

  194. Manna says:

    I don’t think I do. I just recently got into nail polish a few months ago.

  195. Ruth says:

    I have a bottle of Cult Nails Unicorn Puke and maybe a couple other LE’s but I can’t think of any right now lol

  196. Patti says:

    I don’t own any special polishes, sadly. But I would LOVE to own this one. It’s truly gorgeous!

  197. Sherry H. says:

    I don’t have any limited edition polishes… yet.

  198. Jenny Armour says:

    No I don’t

  199. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  200. molliemills says:

    Beautiful Color’s Sure Would Love To Try Them !!!

  201. My biggest bragging right would be Clairvoyant (“Unicorn Puke”) by Cult Nails. Not originally meant to be LE but sadly discontinued!!

    Thank you SO much for the giveaway opportunity, how exciting! =)

  202. Lacky Corner says:

    I have some discontinued but not any super special. I wish I had a bottle of China Glaze DV8.

  203. Tyneisha Fondren says:

    I don’t own any limited edition polishes but sure would love to! I don’t often know where to find them!

  204. Amanda Good says:

    My super special polish is OPI DS Series 009 Ruby. I didn’t know how special it was until about 2 months ago when I got into holos. Any of the original OPI holos are impossible to find now. I also love my Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Purple Diamond I recently found on ebay. Hoping to hopefully get my hands on Glitter Gal Red Sparkle one day :/

  205. katie skeoch says:

    No! I’m usually too late and they’ve sold out before I get to them :(

  206. Srna Kulik says:

    No I dont,and whats even more strange,as I’m a nailpolish freak,I dont own any OPI nailpolishes :/

  207. ksgtm says:

    I don’t own any special edition polishes yet, but since November last year
    I have become more and more obsessed with nail art. It started with a simple flamingo on one nail for my parents 50th anniversary in Florida. Now I have been experimenting more and more thanks to all the blogs, you tubes and pinterest examples. Thanks! K

  208. veronica torres says:

    i do not own any but i would love to try this polish

  209. Tanja Jojic says:

    I dont but I would like to :)

  210. Sky Evans says:

    I don’t have any limited editions.

  211. kelley says:

    I don’t have any limited edition polishes!

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