GLAM Polish Opulence Collection (with real gold flakes!) Swatches & Review

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Hello! How is everyone? I’ve been futzing with my camera. I’ll never be satisfied. It seems that as soon as I get things the way I want them…the camera drifts. Anyway, I’m using a few different settings and a remote switch today. I’ll probably change my mind in a hot minute….but it’s fun to experiment. LOL. So the following three swatches comprise the beautiful, limited edition, store-exclusive GLAM Polish Opulence Collection. These bright, jewel-toned  jellies contain real gold leaf flakes!

Temptation is my fave.  It’s a bright, medium purple filled with shimmery flakies and real 23K gold leaf. I love gold and purple together…they just fit. The gold leaf was obvious and a beautiful touch. I did do some strategic polishing (but not dabbing). I would call this 2 1/2 coats.

GLAM Polish Temptation from the Opulence Collection

Euphoria is a turquoise blue with a sprinkling of holo dust and 12K white gold leaf flakes. I love a lighter blue with silver accents – it gives the polish a clean, icy feel. I spread the flakes carefully, but coverage was good and the formula was smooth. This is three thin coats.

GLAM Polish Euphoria from the Opulence Collection

And last but not least, Indulgence is an awesome, bright red.  In addition to 23K gold leaf, it’s packed with shimmery flakies too. The formula was surprisingly smooth. The gold leaf flakes aren’t as obvious, but the result is a glowing red glimmer. Beautiful! My swatch is three coats.

GLAM Polish Indulgence from the Opulence Collection

I followed GLAM Polish’s recommendation and stood the bottles upside down for a bit before polishing. Avoid shaking the bottles vigorously…this will break the gold leaf flakes into smaller chunks. I used two coats of topcoat (G&G HK Girl) because the finish was a little hungry. I love what Rachel invents with her line and these polishes are no exception!

The Opulence Collection is available now for $12.95 each only in the GLAM Polish store. Australia-based GLAM Polish offers shipping to the USA (note that US shipping may run 2-4 weeks). Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by GLAM Polish for my consideration. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Lisa N. says:

    These are gorgeous!

  2. zimmy_b says:

    Wow, I really like all of these! Probably Temptation the most as well. :)

  3. Jeanatte says:

    Oh, wow! All three are beautiful, but Temptation is by far my favorite as well.

  4. Holy Cow!! These are all so lovely! I would be thrilled to have any of these polishes in my collection.

    Good luck with the camera – pixs looks great as always!

  5. I really like the look of Euphoria! I feel that Disney’s Elsa would approve of it. =P

  6. Caroline says:

    Temptation stands out to me too! Glam polishes have quickly become part of my favorite indie polishes, especially the rydell high collection <3

  7. Beautiful! I like Temptation best too :)

  8. Nicole O. says:

    i want them all !

  9. These are stunning!

  10. Deborah says:

    OMG that first one ♥♥♥ so pretty! The others too but that one just stole my heart.

  11. Oh, those are lovely! The purple and gold is so regal, and the other two remind me of ice and fire. I really want to do a mani with those now…!!

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