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Can you believe I went through most of the day yesterday believing it was Thursday? Boy, was that a letdown. I think I’m off schedule because of the blog being down earlier in the week. Anyway, today I have swatches of the beautiful Zoya Tickled Collection (press release here).  All are cremes which are my fave finish. There’s just something about a clean, even, shiny coat of polish. Zoya released three sets this summer. You can see some nail art with the Bubbly Collection here. And the three Magical Pixies are coming to the blog soon. I’ll say it upfront – I had a bear of a time getting a few of these colors to photograph correctly. I’ve included Zoya bottle shots so you can have another view of each color.

First up is Rooney. It’s is a medium, pinky purple. I love, love, love this one. It’s a perfect, summery pink. I used two coats.


Zoya Rooney from the Tickled Collection

Next is Rocha. It’s a coral on steroids.  It’s practically a red (although I didn’t think it was as red as in the Zoya pic)…but with a pretty softness about it. My pic looks too orange. Great formula. This is two easy coats.




Tilda is a soft, warm green. This was the base of my Lacquer Legion GARDEN mani. It took three coats to get it completely even – but I often have that issue with greens. This swatch is pretty accurate.


Zoya Tilda from the Tickled Collection

Kitridge was by far the most difficult to capture. It’s soft, but has a neon quality about it (it even dries semi-matte). The more I color corrected, the more alien my skin tone became – but you get the idea. It’s very pretty. My swatch is three coats.


Zoya Kitridge from the Tickled Collection

Wendy is a melon coral that has more pop than I expected. In fact, it uses florescent pigment (as does Kitridge which probably explains my photography struggles). I like how this one is also soft, but bright. This is two coats.


Zoya Wendy from the Tickled Collection

And finally, Ling is a medium blue…not in your face, but bright at the same time. I like where this falls in the spectrum of blues – I don’t have anything too similar in my stash. This one had my fave formula of the bunch. I used two, easy coats.

Zoya Ling from the Tickled Collection

All swatches are finished with Zoya Armor topcoat. This is a great collection of creme colors and a perfect complement to the Bubbly Collection (it would be fun to pair the similar shades from both collections into some monochrome nail art). Because I always pick the medium pinks as my favorites – I’m going to go with Rocha and Ling. :) What are yours?

The Zoya Tickled Collection retails for $9.00 each (US). They’re available at Zoya.com, select stores and spas and in ULTA beauty stores (not online). Zoya offers frequent promotions, so be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by Zoya for my consideration. All opinions are my own. for more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Raquel says:

    Your swatches are always so beautiful!

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Such pretty cremes in this collection. I like it a lot.

  3. Juliana Giraud says:

    Oh! Rooney and Tilda are so beautiful! They all are; there is something about Zoya’s cremes that is so appealing to me. Maura is still one of my favorite tomato-red polishes.

    I can’t find Zoya nail polishes here, so I always go to eBay or international stores that happen to have them in stock. I am dying for these! I blame your gorgeous photos, heheh.

  4. I just picked up Ling, Wendy, Rooney and Kirtridge. NOW, I want them all! They look so good! I cannot wait to try Ling… I love it!

    Does anyone do cremes like Zoya? I swear, my favorite creme polishes (Blu, Jacqueline, Neely, Dot and Cole) are all Zoya.

    The formula and the richness of the pigment seems to be superior when compared to so many other brands (and some are even more expensive than Zoya).

  5. Cutecle says:

    Every last one of them looks so gorgeous! Makes me kinda sad that it’s so difficult to get here in The Netherlands.

  6. Jing Z. says:

    Kitridge and Tilda looks amazing. Although three coats to get it even kinda sucks.
    The Essie Too Taboo colors were really nice but it took me 5 coats. White base + 3 coats + top coat. Literally I had to split the painting in two days because there was just so much waiting.
    It seems that a lot of the recent Zoya creme collections (Awaken & Tickled)require three coats. What a bummer.

  7. Xandra says:

    Hello, I would just like to ask, would you consider Ling and Essie I’m Addicted similar? for me, I think, their shade is somewhat near :D


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