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Happy Monday! My schedule was all wonky last week…crazy busy at work. I think I have my act together now. On Friday morning I head to LA for an appearance at the Rite Aid Beverly Hills grand opening.  If you’re in Los Angeles, please come out and see me on Saturday from 10am-2pm! I’ll be doing free nail art! JulieG and RissRose2 will be there as well! I just posted the details here.

Ok, so today’s mani was created with Incoco 100% real nail polish appliques from the Summer 2014 Metropolis Collection.  I love doing nail art with these strips. It’s fast and easy and looks like you spent way more time on your nails that you actually did!

Incoco Metropolis Collection (Summer 2014)

This art uses three different wraps: Color Me Pretty (purple), Happy Hour (coral) and Backstage Beauty, a 70’s-ish print of words like “Dream”, “Fun” and “Shine On” on a shimmery white base.

Incoco Metropolis Collection (Summer 2014)

For the pinky, I started with Happy Hour and then cut thin strips of Color Me Pretty and laid them on top. I used an orangewood stick to “break” them into the right width. I tried a new trick this time…I finished with topcoat and did my usual clean-up routine with a makeup brush and acetone. Because Incoco strips are real nail polish, the acetone smoothed over some rough edges at the sidewalls!

The full Metropolis Collection includes 6 designs and 3 solids.

Incoco Metropolis Collection (Summer 2014) Patterns

Patterns (L-R)

  • Jetsetter: Bonjour! This delightful blue and yellow design is perfect for a globe-trotting summer vacation.
  • Metropolis: Deck your digits with this skyline silhouette splashed with a rainbow of colors!
  • Backstage Beauty: Fashion-forward words in colorful gradients are sure to add an element of fun to your bright summer outfits.
  • Modern Muse: Modern Muse fuses a shimmery mix-and-match watercolor design with bright, bold color and clean lines.
  • City Girl: No matter which city you call home, this black and white nail design of checks and skylines will keep your tips on point.
  • Hidden Gem: This shimmery geometric design looks edgy with vibrant watercolor splashes.

Incoco Metropolis Collection (Summer 2014) Solids

Solids (L-R)

  • Color Me Pretty: Blooming with confidence and warmth, radiant orchid is the color of the year! Stand out with this must have nail color.
  • Happy Hour: Need a summer nail look that’s perfect to take from work to play? We’ve got you covered with Happy Hour!
  • Pucker Up: Read our lips: this splashy magenta shade is the perfect dose of bright summer color!

It does take some practice to get them right, but once you break the code, it’s fairly easy. I sort of know which one fits on each nail now. I also flip the wrap around because the curve on the opposite end of the strip lays along my cuticle line better. Also, I don’t stress too much about getting absolute coverage…having a tiny strip of bare nail on each side isn’t even noticeable if you’re not looking closely and actually looks cleaner to me from afar.

Each package contains 16 appliques in a range of sizes. The Metropolis Collection is available now at Solids retail for $7.99 each and the patterned wraps are $8.99. Follow Incoco on facebooktwitter and instagram for new releases and promotions!

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  1. Lisa N. says:

    That is a fun design on the applique!

  2. These are really pretty. I haven’t tried Incoco wraps before, but I like the designs.

  3. Ayaka says:

    The wraps look amazing on your nails!

  4. Deborah says:

    Great trick to use an orange stick for the width in your stripes :)!

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