Nail Art, JulieG and Real Housewives – Beverly Hills Rite Aid Event Recap

Hi all! As many of you may know, I made a Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics sponsored appearance at the grand re-opening of Rite Aid in Beverly Hills last Saturday along with Julie of JulieG713 and Marissa from RissRose2.  Lots of firsts that weekend…my first trip to LA, the first time I met Julie in person, the first time I got to see the new Jesse’s Girl display (with one of my pics). It was so much fun! I meant to get this recap up on Sunday night, but I got delayed on my way home and was a total zombie (I was awake about 32 straight hours and had a meeting at work the next morning…UGH). Anyway, I’m recovered now and can’t wait to share the deets! Here’s Marissa, me and Julie at the event.

Rite Aid Beverly Hills

So let’s back up to Friday. Being a pop culture junkie, I was hoping to see a celeb on the airplane to LAX. I eyed each and every passenger intently as I made my way to coach. Alas, I didn’t see anyone that I recognized…although there were some “record producer” types.  I met Jesse (THE Jesse of Jesse’s Girl) at the airport. I guess I was expecting celebrities to be lining golden-paved streets (LOL) but the ride to the hotel was fairly mundane and the town, so far, looked like any other. Here’s the view from my room at the Beverly Hills Crowne Plaza. I posted this pic on IG.

Rite Aid Beverly Hills

We immediately went to Rite Aid to meet with their reps and see how the event would be laid out. Rite Aid is remodeling the beauty departments in many of their stores. It’s a gorgeous remodel. Very high end. They’re also carrying a lot of high-end products. Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics has their own full line of make-up (in addition to manufacturing the JulieG line of polishes). Jesse’s Girl is also installing new displays. Jesse asked me to take some swatch photos a few months back and this was the first time I got to see them on the display. (There’s my hand again…squeal!)

Rite Aid Beverly Hills

JulieG was already in LA for another event. She met us for lunch. It was great to finally meet her. She’s as warm and friendly in person as she is in her videos. Everyone who has ever met her in person knows the same. She and I ordered the exact same meal which is kinda funny. After a great lunch, they drove me down Rodeo Drive and past Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Blanca restaurant where I tried not to act too giddy with excitement. Here’s a video of us driving by like total tourists.


I was soooo tired after this. We had big plans to go out that night, but none of us made it. I shot awake at the crack of dawn though and we headed to Rite Aid for our appearance at 10am. When we arrived, there was a line already! JulieG has a ton of fans everywhere.

Rite Aid Beverly Hills

We set up shop and did manis until almost 5pm. It was a long day! But so fun. It was great to meet some WPP readers face to face!! Here’s an action shot of me mid-mani.

Rite Aid Beverly Hills

After the event, Jesse had a surprise. He was taking us to Villa Blanca for dinner! GAH! I’m such a fangirl, aren’t I? We went straight there. If you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Vanderpump Rules then you’ll recognize this front desk. We sat right by the front door and I kept one eye on it at all times. LOL.

Rite Aid Beverly Hills

Here’s Julie and me at dinner. If you follow me on IG, then you saw this pic in real time. :)

Rite Aid Beverly Hills

The funniest part was when the TMZ tour bus came by the restaurant. If you read TMZ (which I do faithfully), then you know what this is. They were taking pictures of us. LOL. I’m sure they’ll look at their pics later and think “Who the heck are they?” So funny.

Rite Aid Beverly Hills

Here’s a group shot as we were leaving. It’s a little fuzzy, but it’s the only one I have with the Villa Blanca sign. That’s me, Julie, Stephanie (who manages the Beauty Dept at Rite Aid) and Marissa. What a great memory!

Rite Aid Beverly Hills

After dinner, Jesse and I headed to the airport for my marathon red-eye trip back to Dayton. It was such a fun experience. Be sure to check out your local Rite Aid to see if they have the new beauty department installed…it’s pretty awesome! And find the Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics display. I get to see Julie and Marissa next month in Las Vegas for Cosmoprof – so I’m excited about that!

A big thanks to Jesse’s Girl for arranging the event and graciously inviting me to participate!! And thanks to all the WPP readers who made it out to say “Hi”.


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  1. Rene says:

    So great to meet you this weekend. It was a great to chat and get to know you better. I really enjoyed the event and my nails were a big hit. Thanks again.

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Looked like a fun event. Wish I was there to take part of the fun :)

  3. So awesome!! Looks like it was a fabulous weekend :)

  4. Kat Dinges says:

    Looks like an amazing trip!!!!! Congrats on everything!

  5. Krystal E says:


    eighteen days soon.

  6. butterdaisy says:

    Oh wow, what an awesome experience. You got some great photos and I love your outfit and bag. I can’t wait to see all the awesome changes at Rite-aid. Ours has a full display of the Jesse’s Girl products. Can’t get enough of that holographic lip gloss.

  7. Amazing! I love your outfit! Perfect for the Hills! :)

  8. Lauren says:

    O…M…G…. this looks like an amazing trip and I’m so excited for you!!! LA and Dayton – so similar, so umm…very similar. :) I have seen the new layout for Rite Aid and I’m very happy with it. I walked in to the first one after the remodel and thought I was lost! So completely different and definitely easier to reach everything for this short girl right here!

    • LOL…Lauren…no kidding, right? I did a mani on an older lady and she said “You’re not from around here, are you?” and I said “No. How did you know?” and she said “You’re just so smiley.” It’s the Dayton in me. LOL.

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