NCLA Duchess of LA Collection Skittles and Review

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Hi all! This post was supposed to go up Monday, but I’ve been out of commission. All is well now. I hope you had a great weekend! I’m getting ready for a manicure party at my house next weekend. Friday night I practiced chocolate polish bottle-shaped garnishes for cupcakes. I’m the world’s worst cook ever…but I’m all about the crafty snacks! Stay tuned. I’ll have a big post about the party next week and a giveaway too!

So today I have some simple, but beautiful, skittles. I’ve been a huge fan of NCLA’s playful and considerate four-polish collections for awhile now. The Duchess of LA Collection has been patiently waiting it’s turn in my untried pile.  Each polish is a soft creme filled with just the right amount of small hex glitters and microglitters. I love how the glitters in three of them complement the creme base of the others – and so this mani was born. I’m holding Lavish Spender in the pic below. It includes fuchsia, white and green glitters that are suspended in a soft, minty base. This one is a surprising fave for me!

NCLA Lavish Spender from the Duchess of LA Collection

A Touch of Class is a a touch darker than what I would classify as pastel. The blue creme base is filled with glitters in fuchsia, gold, silver and blue. The formula on all of these was good, but this one was surprisingly extra-smooth to apply.

NCLA A Touch of Class from the Duchess of LA Collection

And lastly (but not least), Let Them Eat Cake is a creamy lavender and it’s filled with small purple, fuchsia and white glitters.

NCLA Let Them Eat Cake from the Duchess of LA Collection

I added some Joyme Nail Stickers for bling. I got these in a previous Nail Art Society kit. My mani doesn’t include Posh and Privileged. I took a swatch pic, but it didn’t do it justice. The base is a soft peach (a bit darker than in the pic below) and the glitters are fuchsia, white and orange. The result is really pretty and delicate….almost like mannequin hands…but with glitter! [ncla image below]

NCLA Posh and Privileged from the Duchess of LA Collection

These will easily cover in two coats, but I went with three thin coats instead. It cuts down on the “bulk” that you sometimes get when trying to get a glitter base opaque. The glitter spread easily and the result was smooth. I finished the look with two coats of NCLA Gloss It! topcoat.

Do you have any NCLAs?  I love their small collections. Oh…take a look at their new app! You can now create custom nail wraps from pics on your mobile phone! Get the details here.

NCLA Duchess of LA Collection nail lacquers retail for $18USD each (15ML) and Gloss It! retails for $11USD. These are available now at online and in select retail locations. NCLA runs frequent promotions (good ones!) so sign up for their newsletter and follow them on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by NCLA for my consideration. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Lisa N. says:

    This is gorgeous! Love the rhinestones on them so much.

  2. Kairi says:

    This is gorgeous! It looks sophisticated and fun at the same time, a little whimsical even. The polishes seem so delicate too.

  3. nati says:

    fabulous swatches! I love the stickers details :)

  4. daPerley says:

    Maybe not that pastel like but they looks great. :)

  5. Jeanatte says:

    Welp, NCLA better take my money. These are lovely! I especially love the stones added on. Very cute!

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