WPP PRO: OPI GelColor Coca-Cola Collection Nail Art and Review

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As you may know, I’m a licensed nail tech. I also do some freelance writing for NAILPRO Magazine, a leading publication for professional nail techs (if you’re interested, you can check out my latest article in the current issue here). Since WPP’s licensed tech readership has grown, I’ve decided to occasionally feature product reviews and demos of products designed for professional use. These “WPP PRO” posts will have the banner below and can be accessed through the new “wpp pro” menu button above. If you’re not a licensed tech, I think these posts will still be useful for you as you seek out new products and services offered by professionals in salons.

WPP Professional Product Review

My first WPP PRO post is on a new-to-me product, OPI GelColor. Specifically, I’ll be showing you the GelColor Coca-Cola Collection Add-On Kit which contains six of the nine gel polishes available in the release (you can find info on the OPI lacquer Coca-Cola Collection here). I tested out the system by creating some simple striped nail art. I love how the colors came together.

OPI GelColor Coca-Cola Collection

GelColor is a 100% gel color, which means it wears and protects like a gel and retains a shiny finish for the duration of the manicure. The GelColor Base Coat contains both gel polymer and solvent-type polymers for faster removal. The GelColor Top Coat can be used as a fast way to shine and seal enhancements (just remember it must be filed off because soaking will break down acrylic or tips). Wear time can be 14+ days depending on the client’s nail condition and how they use their hands.


Cosmoprof North America 2014: Gel Polish and Extended Wear Systems

Hi all! Here’s the second post in my series on all the good stuff I learned at Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) this year. If you missed my post on all things nail polish, be sure to check it out here. Stay tuned for future posts on all the non-polish things that caught my eye at the show, an overview of the new goodies to expect from the indie brands that were there and a “diary” of my stay in Las Vegas. Today I’m going to cover gel polish and extended wear systems.

gel collage

what's new in gel

UV and LED cured gel polish was everywhere at the show. There were soooo many booths offering gel polish systems - too many to visit. Here, I’ll highlight some gel polish brands which I think will most interest WPP readers (and are easiest to get your hands on). Some of these are available only to pros (I’ll indicate which ones below). I figured if a pro product caught your eye, you could seek out a salon that offered that particular line. Attendees were also introduced to two new extended wear systems. These polishes are a hybrid between polish and gel. Wear time is advertised anywhere from 7-14 days and they don’t require a light to cure. If you’re familiar with CND Vinylux…it’s the same idea. I’ve created brand links below so you can jump right to your fave if you want.

Bio Seaweed Gel | Cuccio Colour Veneer | China Glaze Ever Glaze | China Glaze Gelaze | EzFlow TruGelOrly GelFX | Red Carpet ManicureSuperNail ProGel | Young Nails Caption

gel polish

I saw two trends in gel polish: First, brands are listening to consumer requests to have both gel and traditional lacquer versions of their colors. Some brands do a one-to-one match (like Gelaze), while others do a coordinating shade with a different name (like Gelish/Morgan Taylor). Not only are promotional collections being released with both versions, but many brands are dipping back into their core lines and developing gel matches to their best sellers. The other thing I saw a lot of was matte gel topcoat. Almost every brand that offers a gel system now has one.

Bio Seaweed Gel

Bio Seaweed Gel, a Canadian company, caused a big stir among the bloggers. Touted as “the healthier gel polish”, Bio Seaweed products are 5-free and claim to soak off in only 5 minutes!


They have two different gel products. The 3STEP Colour system requires a base and topcoat. The Unity All-in-One system has everything built right in…so you literally jump right into color and don’t need a topcoat (but can add one if desired).

Cosmoprof North America 2014: Everything You Need to Know about What’s New in Nail Polish

So I had such an amazing trip to Cosmoprof North America and I have so much news to share! I’ll be presenting my coverage in a few separate posts. In this post, I’ll give you the rundown on all things nail polish. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to gel polish and extended wear systems, a massive indie polish overview, a collection of non-polish things that caught my eye and a Cosmoprof “diary” that gives you a play-by-play of my trip with some crazy (but totally awesome) gals.


what's new in polish

For me, there were a few major lacquer trends that bubbled to the top. For the most part, the Fall collections were fairly predictable with warm colors and metallic accents. What was more surprising was the softer, muted shades for Winter – think pinks, corals and dusty mints (in addition to the glitzy deep holiday shades). I also saw lots of pink/red glitter combos (which I love). Many brands are expanding their number of gel colors that coordinate with shades in their core lacquer lines. (I’ll cover the specifics in my gel post.)  I have a ton to show you and I contemplated breaking this up into a few posts; but I decided it would be more fun and convenient to see it all in one place…so I’ve separated this post into three areas: Mainstream Brands, Emerging Brands and Pro Brands (that are available to consumers). Keep in mind that the lighting on the show floor was really inconsistent…but I did my best. Below are brand links so you can jump to your favorites.

BernadetteChina Glaze | Color Club | CuccioEssie | House of Holland | IBD |  Impala | Jessica | Londontown | LVX | Morgan Taylor | MoYouNubar | OPIOrly | Red Carpet ManicureRuby Wing | Seche | Salon PerfectZoya

Mainstream Brands

China Glaze

China Glaze brings us all sorts of new stuff (and most of it I can share!). First up is their collaboration with the feature film, The Giver. There hasn’t been much press about this collection. In fact, this was the first I’d heard of it. The movie debuts on August 15th and The Giver Collection will begin shipping soon.

China Glaze The Giver

China Glaze The Giver

Of these shades, The Outer Edge was the most interesting to me. It’s a really fine mix of matte white and silver glitters. I’m curious if it’s full coverage.

Jesse’s Girl Satin Finish Collection Swatches and Review!

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Happy Saturday! It was quiet on the blog last week while I was at Cosmoprof North America (CPNA). There are lots of cool posts in the works. But this one has to be the coolest. You see, Jesse of Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics was in Vegas for CPNA too and took a bunch of bloggers to the Michael Jackson Cirque show. After the show, I learned that some pics I’d taken for Jesse of a new satin line were slated to be part of the display! Gah! I think I was the last to know! What an awesome surprise. I still pinch myself every time I get an opportunity like this. It’s complete craziness. This is the first Limited Edition release in the Jesse’s Girl line since 2011. Here it is…


For each shade, you can skip the topcoat for a velvety non-gloss finish or add topcoat for shine. I used JulieG JetSet topcoat to create a design on each swatch. I’m going to use the Jesse’s Girl descriptions for each because, guess what…I wrote them! More craziness, I know. First up is Amethyst. Stay trendy, yet timeless with this deep, jewel-toned purple. I added shiny french tips.


Sophisticated Leopard Print Morgan Taylor Nail Art

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Hi guys! I hope you had a great long weekend. I just dropped my daughter off for camp. It will be the longest she’s been away from home. I’ll be a sad mama. Hopefully time will fly since I have lots to keep me busy this week as I finish packing for Cosmoprof North America (CPNA). Speaking of CPNA, I’ll be meeting with Morgan Taylor and Gelish again this year at the Hand & Nail Harmony booth – so stayed tuned for info on what’s coming for fall and winter (hopefully I can share it!)

I wanted to do some nail art using Morgan Taylor Scene Queen because it’s such a lovely, complex color. It’s a sophisticated gray, almost lilac, with a subtle silver shimmer. It’s beautiful and I wear it to work often.

Morgan Taylor Sophisticated Leopard Print Nail Art

Leopard print is a favorite of mine, but I wore it out terribly early on in the life of the blog (doesn’t every blogger?). I hadn’t done it in awhile so I decided to give it a go with some equally classy Morgan Taylor Shades: Must Have Mauve, a creamy mauve, Coming Up Roses, a rosy pink and Night Owl, a deep, blackened burgundy purple.

Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Contest Electric Summer Round Info, Nail Art and GIVEAWAY!



Happy Thursday! Today’s post is packed! I’ve got some nail art, contest details and even a giveaway! What could be better than that? By now, you’ve probably heard about the Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Contest. The third and final round in this year’s competition has begun and the theme is Electric Summer. Finalists will win $500 and a trip to NYC to compete in the grand finale!  Keep reading for details on how you can enter! Here’s my interpretation of the Electric Summer theme. This was so fun to create.

Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Contest - Electric Summer

The Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art line has tons of goodies including pens, stripers, decals, studs, gems and even tools. Have you checked them out lately? They sent me this awesome Nail Party in a Box to create my look. You can win your own Nail Party in a Box at the end of this post!


The Lacquer Legion: ON HOLIDAY…Painting the Town Red, White and Blue

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Can you believe this is officially the half-birthday of the Lacquer Legion?! I’m so excited for this post every month. I’ve discovered some great bloggers through the monthly hashtag! So this month’s prompt is OnHoliday. My family had to postpone the annual summer vacay this year until the Fall. Since that’s a ways off, I decided to focus on a literal holiday instead – the Fourth of July. I recently got the most amazing nail mail from Salon Perfect with tons of awesome red, white and blue (and gold and silver!) goodies, so I went to work creating a themed skittle mani.

The Lacquer Legion OnHoliday Fourth of July Nail Art with Salon Perfect

Salon Perfect released 15 (yes, 15!!) new polishes in their Paint the Town Red, White and Blue Collection (see press release here). The set also included decals, striping tape, dotting tools and more. I was overwhelmed with the choices!