OPI Hawaii Collection Tropical Nail Art and International GIVEAWAY

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Happy Friday! Yesterday ended the first of four week-long giveaways that I’m hosting in March. I’ll be contacting the winner of the entire LVX Spring 2015 Collection tonight. Today kicks off the second prize, the entire OPI Hawaii Collection (12 polishes)! And even better…it’s open internationally! Like the previous giveaway, simply comment on one, some, or all of my posts during the giveaway week and you’re entered to win!

I used the Hawaii shades to create some Hawaiian-inspired nail art. I love the neutral in this collection, Do You Take Lei Away?…it’s a great mannequin hand color for me. I used it as my base so the flowers would pop.  Before free-handing the flowers, I stamped a tropical-leaf background with My Gecko Does Tricks and plate BM-210. It created a nice, uniform backdrop.  And finally, I used Go With The Lava Flow, a fire-y gold shimmered coral, Lost My Bikini in Molokini, a pretty purple creme, and Is Mai Tai Crooked, a soft orange, to create the flowers.

OPI Hawaii Collection Nail Art

Here are all twelve polishes in this collection. The only one I’m not crazy about is the yellow, Pineapples Have Peelings Too. It’s a strange mix of glitters, but I’m sure with the right occasion, it would be perfect for something! In addition to the ones I used in the nail art above, I’ve worn Just Lanai-ing Around and Hello Hawaii Ya? All I’ve tried had a great formula.

OPI 50 Shades of Grey Quilt Block Nail Art

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More OPI today. So I have a confession – I’m totally hitting a wall when it comes to coming up with new nail art. Lately I’ve been obsessed with quilting block patterns. In fact, I have a secret pinterest board where I’ve been pinning quilts. I decided to use the OPI 50 Shades of Grey Collection to put one to use. This design is based off a simple quilt block pattern and incorporates four of the six shades in the collection.

OPI 50 Shades of Gray Color Blocked Nail Art

You can tell more in person, but I purposely brushed on Shine for Me, the silver metallic, in different directions. It’s subtle, but a cool detail, I think. The hard part was taping off the lines and keeping everything crisp. I cheated a little and freehanded in some places. I love this red, Romantically Involved. I know we’ve seen a gazillion reds from OPI lately, especially over the holidays…but you can’t ever have enough! The other colors I used were Cement the Deal and Dark Side of the Mood.

OPI Brights Collection Swatches and Review

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There’s lots of OPI happening lately. I’m still totally jazzed about my recent OPI headquarters tour (see my recap here). Sarah at Chalkboard Nails is working on an awesome video of our visit. I’ll link to it as soon as it’s up. So today I have swatches of the new OPI Brights release. There are now nearly 40 Brights shades in the OPI line. They’re such fun colors!

OPI Brights 2015

I’ll start with my favorite. My Car has Navy-gation is a gorgeous inky blue. Like my jaw is on the floor. It has a slightly jelly formula, so I used three coats. This dries to a more satin finish without topcoat, which is nice too, but I prefer it shiny. Isn’t it awesome!?

OPI My Car Has Navy-Gation

The Berry Thought of You is a pretty berry pink. I love berry…like a lot. This has a great formula. My swatch is two easy coats.

OPI The Berry Thought of You

LA Recap Part II: OPI Headquarters Tour with Chalkboard Nails and Miss Pop

Today I have the second recap of my LA trip (and nail polish dream vacay). If you missed the first part, you can read it here. So on the last day before Sarah (Chalkboard Nails) and I left LA, we headed to OPI Headquarters for a tour. This was seriously a highlight of the trip. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was emotional as we walked up to the OPI offices because I couldn’t believe that my li’l ole’ nail blog had gotten me here. I’m so grateful.

And here they are…the front doors to Nail Polish Oz. :)

OPI Headquarters Entrance

Of course, the lobby is decked out in polish. As we were waiting, in walks THE Miss POP! I recognized her immediately. She’s a New York-based celebrity nail artist. You’ve seen her work a hundred times…on the covers of magazines like ELLE, Marie Clare, Cosmo, and more. With all the amazing work she’s done with OPI (she just returned from doing OPI nails at NYFW), she’d never been on a tour…so she went with us! She has such a great story and was so generous with her advice. I’m so glad I had the chance to get to know her.

OPI Headquarters Lobby

Before the tour, we got to meet Suzi Weiss-Fischmann!! That was completely unexpected. She is so sweet and genuinely appreciative of what nail bloggers have done for the business. I was speechless!

Leslie, Suzi, and Sarah

Jaq was our host. She’s a media guru and strategist for OPI (and probably one of the most stylish people I’ve ever met.) I felt like a midwestern mom the whole time compared to all of these fabulous people. LOL. She and Sergio Aguirre, the OPI Director of Manufacturing (and an engineering genius) took us on a behind-the-scenes tour of “where the magic happens.” Before we started the actual tour, we were introduced to so many other amazing people that make OPI happen. OPI doesn’t outsource much, if anything. Design, testing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, advertising, and more are all done out of this facility – and they have customers worldwide…so you can imagine the talent under that single roof!

The Lacquer Legion: REFLECTION…on the nails (literally), on the blog, and on the future of The Lacquer Legion

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Hello everyone! I hope you survived part one of the holiday season. I was super busy the entire week and then I totally vegged out this past weekend. Today is December’s Lacquer Legion and the prompt is, appropriately, REFLECTION. I had a lot of ideas for this one. I thought about recreating some looks from the past year, or documenting some of my favorite times…but in the end, I decided to take the literal route with my nails (chrome polish, of course!) and do the real reflecting via my words in this post. So first, let’s get to the nail art, then keep reading if you’re interested in my thoughts on 2014, what’s in store for WPP in 2015, and the future of the Lacquer Legion.

The Lacquer Legion: Reflection (OPI Push and Shove)

This blingstastic look screams New Year’s Party, doesn’t it? I seriously could not stop looking at my nails. The chrome is Push and Shove from Gwen Stefani for OPI. I used the associated base coat, Lay Down that Base, first – followed by two thin coats of Push and Shove. The chrome really develops as it dries and the result is a super mirrored finish. My accent nail is OPI I Carol About You from the holiday collection (also Gwen Stefani). It’s such a rich purple with a subtle, luxe shimmer.

OPI What’s Your Point-settia and Simple Holiday Chevron

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Today I’m sporting my favorite holiday red of 2014. What’s Your Point-settia from the Gwen Stefani for OPI 2014 Holiday Collection is a beautiful red cream…not too cool and not too warm. The formula is perfect. I got smooth, complete coverage in two easy coats. I love red polish in the winter, don’t you?

OPI What's Your Point-settia?

I didn’t want to complicate the mani too much, so I added a single chevron accent nail using two other colors from the same collection: Rollin’ in Cashmere (gold) and Unfrost my Heart (silver).

OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 Collection Nail Art

OPI Frozen Cherry Blossoms Nail Art

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Hey there! It’s been swatchfest 2014 at WPP (I have a huge backlog of collections to get to you next week!) and I needed some nail art in my life. I was curious about how to use a fan brush. I have one…I’ve just never used it. So I came upon this video by Robin Moses. She’s so amazing with acrylic paint! She used a fan brush to put a wash of color over a white base. As I watched her finish her pink and red cherry blossom design, I got the idea to do a similar look with frosty whites and blues instead. And so this “frozen” version was born. I love how this turned out. Yet I’m bummed that my pics don’t show it very well. All of the OPI polishes I used have a shimmery sheen to them. The light reflecting off my nails obscured the design in many of my photos. There’s actually quite a bit of detail. Anyway, you’ll just have to trust me!

Frozen Blossom Nail Art