Tribal Nail Art with Polishes from the OPI Ford Mustang and Nordic Collections

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I was just working on my Lacquer Legion Fandom mani for Monday and it was a total fail. LOL. I dared not take a pic of it for fear it would get out on the interwebs and end up on some fail blog! It was bad. So take solace in the fact that we all do stinky manis. I’ll attempt Plan B in the morning. I hope you’ll join the fun and post your own Lacquer Legion Fandom look. Be sure to use the hashtag #LLfandom so we can find you! (Visit the Lacquer Legion Facebook for details.) Fortunately I redeemed my fail with this mani using shades from the the two newest OPI Collections…the Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Collection and the Nordic Collection. I love, love, love how it turned out!


From the Ford set, I used Girls Love Ponies, a perfect pink, and 50 years of Style, a metallic gold. From the Nordic Collection, I used Do You Have This Color in Stockholm, a vibrant purple, and the lone glitter topper, My Voice is a Little Norse. KBShimmer tribal themed nail vinyls helped me create the pattern and keep it all neat. I’m suddenly addicted to these things!

WPP PRO: OPI GelColor Coca-Cola Collection Nail Art and Review

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As you may know, I’m a licensed nail tech. I also do some freelance writing for NAILPRO Magazine, a leading publication for professional nail techs (if you’re interested, you can check out my latest article in the current issue here). Since WPP’s licensed tech readership has grown, I’ve decided to occasionally feature product reviews and demos of products designed for professional use. These “WPP PRO” posts will have the banner below and can be accessed through the new “wpp pro” menu button above. If you’re not a licensed tech, I think these posts will still be useful for you as you seek out new products and services offered by professionals in salons.

WPP Professional Product Review

My first WPP PRO post is on a new-to-me product, OPI GelColor. Specifically, I’ll be showing you the GelColor Coca-Cola Collection Add-On Kit which contains six of the nine gel polishes available in the release (you can find info on the OPI lacquer Coca-Cola Collection here). I tested out the system by creating some simple striped nail art. I love how the colors came together.

OPI GelColor Coca-Cola Collection

GelColor is a 100% gel color, which means it wears and protects like a gel and retains a shiny finish for the duration of the manicure. The GelColor Base Coat contains both gel polymer and solvent-type polymers for faster removal. The GelColor Top Coat can be used as a fast way to shine and seal enhancements (just remember it must be filed off because soaking will break down acrylic or tips). Wear time can be 14+ days depending on the client’s nail condition and how they use their hands.


Cosmoprof North America 2014: Everything You Need to Know about What’s New in Nail Polish

So I had such an amazing trip to Cosmoprof North America and I have so much news to share! I’ll be presenting my coverage in a few separate posts. In this post, I’ll give you the rundown on all things nail polish. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to gel polish and extended wear systems, a massive indie polish overview, a collection of non-polish things that caught my eye and a Cosmoprof “diary” that gives you a play-by-play of my trip with some crazy (but totally awesome) gals.


what's new in polish

For me, there were a few major lacquer trends that bubbled to the top. For the most part, the Fall collections were fairly predictable with warm colors and metallic accents. What was more surprising was the softer, muted shades for Winter – think pinks, corals and dusty mints (in addition to the glitzy deep holiday shades). I also saw lots of pink/red glitter combos (which I love). Many brands are expanding their number of gel colors that coordinate with shades in their core lacquer lines. (I’ll cover the specifics in my gel post.)  I have a ton to show you and I contemplated breaking this up into a few posts; but I decided it would be more fun and convenient to see it all in one place…so I’ve separated this post into three areas: Mainstream Brands, Emerging Brands and Pro Brands (that are available to consumers). Keep in mind that the lighting on the show floor was really inconsistent…but I did my best. Below are brand links so you can jump to your favorites.

BernadetteChina Glaze | Color Club | CuccioEssie | House of Holland | IBD |  Impala | Jessica | Londontown | LVX | Morgan Taylor | MoYouNubar | OPIOrly | Red Carpet ManicureRuby Wing | Seche | Salon PerfectZoya

Mainstream Brands

China Glaze

China Glaze brings us all sorts of new stuff (and most of it I can share!). First up is their collaboration with the feature film, The Giver. There hasn’t been much press about this collection. In fact, this was the first I’d heard of it. The movie debuts on August 15th and The Giver Collection will begin shipping soon.

China Glaze The Giver

China Glaze The Giver

Of these shades, The Outer Edge was the most interesting to me. It’s a really fine mix of matte white and silver glitters. I’m curious if it’s full coverage.

Coca-Cola by OPI Collection (Summer 2014)

OPI Partners with The Coca-Cola Company to Release New Limited Edition Nail Lacquers

OPI announces the launch of nine new limited edition nail lacquers inspired by some of the most recognized brands of The Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola by OPI offers a range of colors and hues representing everything from classic red for Coca-Cola to metallic silver for Diet Coke, dark red and black for Coke Zero, black cherry for Cherry Coke, cream and warm pink for Vanilla Coke, shimmering citrus green for Sprite and glitter-packed orange and deep purple for Fanta Orange and Fanta Grape. Coca Cola by OPI Collection

WIN 1 of only 1,000 Bottles of OPI Switchboard Starlet and a Copy of Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure!

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Happy Monday! I have lots of awesome stuff to share this morning! Stick around to the end to enter my international giveaway featuring the new book Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure by Suzanne Shapiro and the polish created by OPI just for the book’s release (and not available for purchase anywhere)! Read on to learn about Nails and get the skinny on the polish direct from the author!

OPI Switchboard Starlet and Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure

In Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure from Prestel Publishing, author Suzanne Shapiro thoughtfully chronicles the fascinating 3,000 year old history of the modern manicure. Starting in ancient times and concluding with current nail trends, the book is illustrated with lots of pop culture images, fashion photography and classic adverting. Nails also features six photo essays, including my favorite, a visit to the OPI factory. Throughout the book, I learned some truly incredible facts and made many “aha!” cultural connections I hadn’t thought of before. For instance, the popularity of nail lacquer in the 1920s was boosted in part by the attractiveness of a woman smoking a cigarette. Makes sense, doesn’t it? For a nail polish-obsessed book nerd like me, Nails is great read and an awesome addition to The Mani Cave. It would make a nice gift for any manicure lover.

Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure

Exclusive Polish – OPI Switchboard Starlet

To accompany the release, Shapiro had the awesome opportunity to create a special OPI promotional polish. Only 1,000 bottles of Switchboard Starlet, a silky-smooth, semi-sheer, watermelon red, was produced for certain media contacts, book event guests, and attendees of Book Expo America (a publishing conference). Switchboard Starlet does not come with the book and isn’t available for purchase by consumers.


Baseball Nails with OPI’s Limited Edition MLB Fashion Plate Collection

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It’s Friday. Woot! Who likes baseball? I’m not a baseball super-fan or anything and Dayton doesn’t have a major league team…but we do have the Dayton Dragons, a Class A minor league team. Their games are so fun. In fact, they hold the record for the most consecutive sellout games in all of professional sports…any sport.  Crazy, right? So today I have a simple baseball design using polishes from OPI’s recent collaboration with Major League Baseball (MLB), the Fashion Plate Collection (original press release here).

OPI Fashion Plate Collection Major League Baseball Collaboration Nail Art

My blue nails are 7th Inning Stretch, a deep blue metallic, the base of the baseball nail is Girls Love Diamond, a shimmery white, and I chose Love Athletes in Cleats, for the red accents. The MLB logo dude was done with white acrylic paint so it would cover the blue. Man did I have trouble with it! I just kept touching up over and over. My daughter finally said “Enough!”. LOL. The proportions are off a bit, but you get the idea. :)

Beweled Dragonfly Nail Art with OPI Muppets Most Wanted Collection…and Experimenting with a New Camera Lens

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Lots of experimenting in today’s post. First, if you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen my behind-the-scenes photo editing pic where I lament the agony of making my skin tone look the same in every pic of a swatch post (while still getting the polish color accurate). If you’re a blogger, you probably know what I’m talking about. Same camera, same settings, same lighting, same pose, same angle…one pic has yellow skin and the next is completely washed out depending on the color of polish. Photography is definitely my biggest challenge as a blogger. Anyway, I bought a new lens for my Canon T3i and I used it for today’s pics. I LOVE the lens, but I’ll have to do some more futzing before I decide if it’s good for swatch pics. If you’re interested…I’ll tell you more about it at the end of the post. But first, let’s get to the nail art!

OPI Disney's Muppets Most Wanted Collection Nail Art

So the second experiment is a textured pattern using glitter polish. The main polishes used are from the 2014 OPI Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted Collection. There are eight shades in the collection (press release here). If you want to see swatches, The PolishAholic and Chalkboard Nails have fab ones (of course!) The base is a magical shimmery, sparkly rich blue called Miss Piggy’s Big Number. I do believe this is a dupe of Chanel Bel-Argus (GASP!)

OPI Miss Piggy's Big Number from th Disney's Muppets Most Wanted Collection