the mani cave

Mani Cave Lighting: Is it weird to install a spotlight for your polish?

I haven’t posted an update on The Mani Cave lately. Mostly because I spend every free moment on the blog! I have some super exciting things in the works for WPP very soon! Anyway, the hubby and I finally installed the lighting I purchased for the room way back in February. It’s been piled in the corner…looking ominous. Sorry…this post will be pic heavy. I love how it turned out!! I’ll start with an after shot.

The Mani Cave Lighting Update (work / play / polish)

The Mani Cave…we’re back!

The Mani Cave…oh how I’ve neglected you. Finally in early December I threw in the towel and committed to picking up the quest after the New Year. I haven’t completely ignored the room. Over the last few weeks I’ve bought lighting, fabric and a few other items. They are piling up in the corner just waiting for installation. But what I really want to show you is this…

The Mani Cave Polish Storage (work / play / polish)

The Mani Cave: Subtle Progress

Welcome to another Mani Cave update. I was hoping to have a huge and glorious reveal this week. But instead most of my progress was centered around intangible activities like shopping, researching and obsessing. It’s difficult to take a picture of those things. Although I suppose I could have asked an IKEA employee to take some “action shots” of me looking at VIKA tabletops. So what did I actually accomplish this week?


The Mani Cave: A Whole Lotta Nothin’

It’s Wednesday…time for the weekly mani cave reveal. I won’t keep you in suspense for a second longer! Wait for it…wait for it…

The Mani Cave (work / play / polish)

The Mani Cave: Still workin’ the basics

First…big day today…Victoria of the Manicurator and I have launched a massive giveaway! Click the graphic in the sidebar to see the prizes and learn how to enter! Okay…on to the weekly Mani Cave update…

This past week, Mr. Workplaypolish and I started to install wainscoting around the perimeter of The Mani Cave (well, really HE started installing it and I popped in occasionally to tell him how awesome it looked). It may not seem like we got much done, but really we are light years ahead of where I thought we’d be (notice the use of the term “we”…I’ve officially declared this a family project). Before I show you our progress…here’s a shot of The Mani Cave carnage I’ve got going on right now. If you know me, then you know that this mess makes my head spin around on my shoulders!

The Mani Cave Week 2 (work / play / polish)

The Mani Cave: Navy, White and Pink

Welcome to my weekly update of The Mani Cave (TMC)! In my first post, I referred to it as the TPR (The Polish Room)…but I received overwhelming feedback that my husband’s moniker “The Mani Cave” was better. So TMC it is!

So now on to the update…over the past week I’ve toiled over the color palette. Originally I wanted to go with a gray and teal theme; but I worried about it not being family friendly enough (i.e., hubby wouldn’t be caught dead in there). I wanted something more “grown up” but still unexpected. Then this photo caught my eye and it was all she wrote! The room will be navy, white and pink! Sound familiar? They’re the colors in my Zoya Explosion mani yesterday!

Navy, White & Pink Color Scheme


The Polish Room “Before”

I’d like to introduce something a little different today. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, then you know that I recently moved. The most exciting part about my new house is that I’ll have a room dedicated to all things polish…aka “The Polish Room”…or as my husband refers to it “The Mani Cave” (Get it? He’s quite funny.)  I’ll call it the TPR for short. This room will also act as my office (snore) and craft room (yeah). I’m super excited because I’m literally starting from scratch.

Now since my hubby would like to have a dining room table and maybe a new mattress before I start on the TPR (the nerve of him), I’ve agreed this room will be strictly DIY on a low budget. I’ve added a link at the top of the blog which will sort all posts related to the TPR so you can see my progress. I don’t know if it will take me months or years to complete – but I don’t mind. Decorating is the fun part anyway!

Each week, I’ll dedicate one post to the TPR. So to start, I thought I’d show you some “before” shots. Here’s the room (we have a bed in there now). It’s a good sized room with lots of natural light.

The Polish Room "before" Shot (work / play / polish)