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Zoya Work-Worthy Gradient

It’s always tough to come up with office-friendly nail art. Plus, let’s face it…it’s a little boring. If I’m posing for nail art pics on a work night, generally I swipe the mani right off and slap on a neutral shade. But alas, the work mani section of the site is languishing. So I went to my Zoya rack and scanned for possibilities. Aha…Addison, Pandora and Farah were sitting there side-by-side!

Zoya Addison, Pandora and Farrah Gradient (work / play / polish)

A Leopard and its Stripes? Zoya Cho, Kristi & Raven

Today I have another super simple design (can you see a trend here?) I knew the three colors I wanted to use before I even knew what the design was! I chose Zoya Raven and Cho (I love black and nude together) and Zoya Kristi as a red accent. Then it just evolved into two leopard print accent nails and three nails striped in various widths.

Zoya Cho, Raven and Kristi leopard/stripe nails (work / play / polish)