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OPI Frozen Cherry Blossoms Nail Art

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Hey there! It’s been swatchfest 2014 at WPP (I have a huge backlog of collections to get to you next week!) and I needed some nail art in my life. I was curious about how to use a fan brush. I have one…I’ve just never used it. So I came upon this video by Robin Moses. She’s so amazing with acrylic paint! She used a fan brush to put a wash of color over a white base. As I watched her finish her pink and red cherry blossom design, I got the idea to do a similar look with frosty whites and blues instead. And so this “frozen” version was born. I love how this turned out. Yet I’m bummed that my pics don’t show it very well. All of the OPI polishes I used have a shimmery sheen to them. The light reflecting off my nails obscured the design in many of my photos. There’s actually quite a bit of detail. Anyway, you’ll just have to trust me!

Frozen Blossom Nail Art

OPI Taylor Blue…Limited Edition Polish for Taylor’s Gift Foundation

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Today I’d like to introduce you to Taylor’s Gift Foundation. Following a skiing accident in 2010 that cut young Taylor Storch’s life short, her parents made the difficult decision to donate her organs. This selfless act went on to help a number of people around the country. Taylor’s Gift Foundation was created to honor Taylor’s gift of life and make a difference in the lives of others. Earlier this year, OPI partnered with Taylor’s Gift and created Taylor Blue, an exclusive nail lacquer in the Foundation’s signature color. Taylor Blue will again be available starting on November 21st.

OPI Taylor's Gift Limited Edition Exclusive

Purchasing Taylor Blue is an opportunity to join the Foundation’s efforts to increase organ donation registrations, change the conversation about organ donation and help fund the Foundation’s incredible mission.

Digit-al Dozen Does it AGAIN: Blue

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Happy Monday! I’m a little off schedule today. Lots going on in my “other” world. But it’s all excellent. So hopefully you’ve seen yesterday’s big post announcing Digit-al Dozen Does it Again! If you haven’t…go check it out, because we’re also hosting a huge international giveaway!! Today is our first nail art day. Back in September 2012, the theme was “blue”. I didn’t join the group until the December challenge, so this is the first time I’ll be tackling this topic. I couldn’t decide on a favorite blue, so I just chose a bunch!

Blue Patchwork Nail Art

Pure Ice On His Saddle and Bring on the Joy

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review.

Today I have a simple tape mani with two Pure Ice faves, On His Saddle and Bring on the Joy. Both of these polishes were part of the 2012 Limited Edition Holiday Collection (I swatched them here and here.) This collection became quite the hot commodity late last year. While these colors may not be available anymore…I recommend you always peruse the special collection Pure Ice displays whenever you’re at Walmart. In fact, I believe some of the new releases are actually renamed polishes from the Runway Trends Collection.

Pure Ice On His Saddle and Bring On the Joy (work / play / polish)

Essie Smooth Sailing

Okay. So I never got my Friday post up. I was in the middle of a computer switch and let’s just say it wasn’t as simple as I’d planned. I loved the mani, but I made the mistake of getting distracted and cleaning the laundry room floor before I photographed it! Big mistake. That’ll teach me to never clean the laundry room floor again. (Whoops, maybe that’s the wrong lesson learned.)

So today I have an untried, Smooth Sailing, from Essie’s 2011 Braziliant Collection. I didn’t pick this up too long ago – so it’s still available. It’s a pretty periwinkle blue with silver shimmer. The formula was really nice.

Essie Smooth Sailing (work / play / polish)

Zoya Natty

I have seriously neglected the occupational mani area of this blog (WORK). My original intent was to chronicle plain old work appropriate manis in addition to fancy schmancy nail art (PLAY) and new polish swatches (POLISH). But work appropriate isn’t much fun. I’m embarrassed to admit this… but lately I’ve been going to bed with bare nails.  On my way out the door in the morning, I stand at the kitchen island wearing my coat and quickly slap on one thick coat of Zoya Farah or Pandora and one coat of Seche Vite. GASP! Check the rulebook, folks, but I don’t think that even qualifies as a mani! But it gets worse – next I get into my car and put my seatbelt on like I’ve lost full use of both of my arms (to protect the wet nails, of course) and drive into work. My family offered to take a picture of this ritual for me to include in this blog post and I decided I didn’t want to ruin what little wonder and mystery may be out there!

So I’m trying to turn over a new leaf.  Last night I applied today’s work polish, Zoya Natty, in advance, and I am literally wearing it this very minute. (Unless, of course, you don’t read this until tomorrow and by then it will be long gone.)

Zoya Natty (work / play / polish)

Digit-al Dozen Does Art: Kandinsky

It’s Day 2 of Digit-al Dozen ART theme week. Today’s mani is my take on Wassily Kandinsky’s Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles (1913) [picture source]. Kandinsky is credited as being the pioneer of abstract art. One fun fact I remember from an art history class is that Kandinsky had synaesthesia (I had to look up the spelling!). This is a neurological condition where a person can essentially experience two senses at once. For Kandinsky, he could HEAR color! ISN’T THAT CRAZY!?!? I think I can hear nail polish. It says “buy me” and “you need me”.