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Essie Sleek Stick in So Haute!

Today I’m wearing Essie Sleek Stick nail appliques in So Haute! (No, I’m not shouting that sentence at you…So Haute! actually has an exclamation point in the name!) (There, that last one…I was shouting.) I’ve not gone ga-ga over nail strips because I do nail art. And I’ve always thought polish strips were for people who don’t do nail art. But the texture on this design is really spectacular and I was surprised by how much I loved the look. On the first trip out of the house wearing them…I bet I got a half a dozen compliments! You can see full-sized pics in the gallery at the end of the post.

Essie So Haute! Sleek Sticks (work / play / polish)

Butter London Jack the Lad and Finger Paints Figure of Art Saran Wrap Mani

can’t believe the end of January is already here! Before I know it, the weather will be warmer…so time’s a wastin’ to try my winter untrieds. Today I have a Saran Wrap Mani using Butter London Jack the Lad and Finger Paints Figure of Art. This is the first time I’ve used either of these polishes.

Butter London Jack the Lad and Finger Paints Figure of Art Saran Wrap Mani (work / play / polish)

WPP Guest Post at My Awesome Beauty

Today I’m honored to be a guestblogger at MY AWESOME BEAUTY! Miss Sophie, the talent behind MAB, is not only a gifted nail artist, but also a recognized photographer and retoucher whose work has been featured in major publications.  I aspire to be half as good as she is one day! So please go visit My Awesome Beauty to see this mani and show Sophie some love!


Envy and Ziv: a Zoya Christmas Sweater

Hi all! I’ve seen so many cool “Christmas Sweater” designs lately and I wanted to try one. After doing a bunch of practice stamps…I quickly realized that my nailbeds are just too small for elk. So I pressed ahead with a stamped, not-so-Christmasy, not-so-sweatery mani using Zoya Envy and Ziv.

Zoya Envy and Ziv (work / play / polish)

OPI Designer Series Mystery

Today I have a simple swatch of OPI Designer Series (DS) Mystery. I was all primed and ready to put some serious gold dots on this baby…but after I got it on, I knew it didn’t need any fancy stuff.

OPI Designer Series (DS) Mystery (work / play / polish)

No Offense: Two Fingered Salute

I have a simple swatch for you today. The collection posts really take a lot out of me! Course, it’s not like I’m fighting a fire or running a marathon…but it is a lot of polishes to swatch for just one post! I really appreciate what bloggers like The Polishaholic do every day! Anyway, after modeling each of the 12 colors in the China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Collection and working on The Mani Cave (Yes!), I didn’t have time for any fancy nail art. However today’s color, Butter London Two Fingered Salute is fabulous all on it’s own!!

Butter London Two Fingered Salute (work / play / polish)

China Glaze Creative Fantasy

Okay…I’ve taken the easy road the last two days. But it’s tough to do intricate manis when Mr. Workplaypolish expects me to help him install the wainscoting in The Mani Cave. I’m like “What? I might break a nail?” I know resistance is futile. So last night we started installation. Can I say awe-some? I’m so excited about this development and can’t wait for you to see it next Wednesday.

In the meantime, I have a new polish from the China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Collection, Creative Fantasy. I’ll review it on its own when I post swatches from the line. For now…suffice it to say it’s a cool purple jelly that I wore for three whole days! There’s no more ringing endorsement from a nail blogger than that!

China Glaze Creative Fantasy with I'm Not a Lion Tips (work / play / polish)