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A-England The Blessed Damozel Swatch and Review

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It’s been awhile since I mentioned this, but A-England was one of my first “indies”. (I say that in quotes because Adina’s brainchild has reached mainstream proportions since then.) My sister, also a polish lover, ordered it for me as a surprise. I remember I said at the time that this polish should be used in beauty schools to teach new techs to polish because the formula is THAT good. Today I have The Blessed Damozel. It’s the latest addition to the Heavenly Quotes Collection.  The color is a deep eggplant purple with a glowy shimmer the fantastically smooth application that A-England has become known for.

A-England The Blessed Damozel

This polish is seriously a one-coater. It’s highly pigmented with a thick, creamy consistency. I only used two coats because I’m a creature of habit. You can really see the glow in the bottle. Amazing.

A-England The Blessed Damozel

More Leopard: China Glaze Coconut Kiss, I’m Not a Lion and Smoke and Ashes

Hi guys! It’s Friday! I’m soooo happy about the upcoming weekend…but I’m already looking forward to next week! First, Monday starts the Digit-al Dozen Love & Heartbreak theme week. There are tons of ways you can interpret this topic and I’m looking forward to seeing what the other ladies come up with! Next Thursday, we’ll draw winners for our We Love Our Readers Valentine’s Day Giveaway! So be sure to enter if you haven’t already!

China Glaze has been promoting Coconut Kiss as a February birthstone month color. I’m not a February baby (not even close really), but I was motivated to pull this one out of the stash archives. This polish is a throwback…originally released as part of the 2006 Fiji Fling Collection. It’s a metallic-y royal purple that’s shimmery, but not too frosty. For today’s mani, I used two coats of Coconut Kiss, followed by China Glaze I’m Not a Lion and Smoke and Ashes for the leopard print.

China Glaze Coconut Kiss, I'm Not a Lion and Smoke and Ashes (work / play / polish)

Sandy and Smooth: OPI Can’t Let Go & Tomorrow Never Dies

Textured polishes are everywhere! I’ve said this before…but how does everyone think of the same ideas at the same time? You can’t just whip this stuff up overnight! It boggles my mind. But that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to jump on any bandwagon! The liquid sand polishes in the OPI Mariah Carey Collection are the first textured polishes I’ve tried. I organize my polish by brand, then color and when I went to put Can’t Let Go away, it ended up right next to Tomorrow Never Dies from the Skyfall Collection. A perfect purple pair! Usually you see a plain polish with a funky accent finger, but this time I swapped it (because I’m crazy like that). I used Can’t Let Go on four fingers and Tomorrow Never Dies as the accent.

OPI Can't Let Go and Tomorrow Never Dies (work / play / polish)

Digit-al Dozen Does Art: Kandinsky

It’s Day 2 of Digit-al Dozen ART theme week. Today’s mani is my take on Wassily Kandinsky’s Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles (1913) [picture source]. Kandinsky is credited as being the pioneer of abstract art. One fun fact I remember from an art history class is that Kandinsky had synaesthesia (I had to look up the spelling!). This is a neurological condition where a person can essentially experience two senses at once. For Kandinsky, he could HEAR color! ISN’T THAT CRAZY!?!? I think I can hear nail polish. It says “buy me” and “you need me”.


Quick Change Artist: China Glaze Tranzitions

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review.

Last week I received three colors from the new China Glaze Tranzitions Collection. These polishes react and change color wherever topcoat is applied. Sounds good to me – I figured it would be a quick way to make an interesting mani without a lot of effort. The application and wear of the three polishes I’m showing you today are similar. So let’s see the looks and then I’ll tell you what I think! BTW, I used a flash for the first time in these pics. It seemed to be the best way to capture the color change.

The first mani is Split Perso-Nail-ity with an accent in Modify Me. Split Perso-Nail-ity is a dusty lavender-leaning pink that turns almost magenta with the topcoat. The finish is a cross between a cream and a shimmer…almost satin.

China Glaze Tranzitions: Split Perso-Nail-ity and Modify Me (work / play / polish)

China Glaze Drawn to Me: Chevrons Two Ways

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm, or retailer for my review.

Hi all. I’m still getting back into the groove.  I was snowed in yesterday (which is heaven to a very part-time nail blogger). I’m always in such a rush.  Today I have some info about an awesome sweepstakes at BigDaddyBeauty.com. Keep reading to the end of the post for details on how to enter! For now…here’s today’s simple mani.

China Glaze Magnetix Drawn to You and pastel pink So Easy Stripe Rite (work / play / polish)

Color Club A Winter Affair

I’m back. I’m trying to get into a routine Sunday blog break, but this weekend we were busy with household projects (including The Mani Cave) so I took Saturday off too. Speaking of the TMC, I hope I have a decent update ready for you on Wednesday. As of today, my quest for the perfect polish rack system is losing altitude and airspeed. But fortunately hubs and I may have discovered a solution. Okay…more on that Wednesday. For today I have a Color Club Winter Affair Duo mani to show you. These polishes are part of the 2012 Holiday Collection.

Color Club Winter Affair Duo (work / play / polish)