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Facing My Nail Stamping Anxiety!

I haven’t done stamping in awhile. And you know why? It stresses me out. I go to all that trouble to polish perfectly, clean up, let my nails dry, take 42 tries to get a single image transferred to the stamper correctly…and then I hold my breath!! What if it doesn’t work? What if I choke? What if it’s crooked? What if it stamps perfectly and then the topcoat smears it? And don’t even get me started on stamping with more than one color. That’s crazy talk. People who can do that have special powers. Anyway, my order of Vivid Lacquer custom stamping plates arrived and I was so excited about them that I completely forgot about my stamping anxiety issues.

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls with Vivid Lacquer Lorem Ipsim Stamp (work / play / polish)

Digit-al Dozen Does Art: Rothko

My Day 4 mani of the Digit-al Dozen ART theme week is based on a Mark Rothko painting called White Center (Yellow, Pink, and Lavender on Rose) (1950) [image source]. You probably recognize it. It’s one of the most expensive pieces of art ever sold. $72.8 million! What a steal! David Rockefeller bought it for only $10,000 in 1960 and attended the auction when it was sold almost 50 years later. During the auction, I imagine he felt like I did in the last 5 minutes of my husband’s motorcycle listing on eBay! Talk about a nail biter!

Rothko White Center (work / play / polish)

Digit-al Dozen Does Art: Kandinsky

It’s Day 2 of Digit-al Dozen ART theme week. Today’s mani is my take on Wassily Kandinsky’s Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles (1913) [picture source]. Kandinsky is credited as being the pioneer of abstract art. One fun fact I remember from an art history class is that Kandinsky had synaesthesia (I had to look up the spelling!). This is a neurological condition where a person can essentially experience two senses at once. For Kandinsky, he could HEAR color! ISN’T THAT CRAZY!?!? I think I can hear nail polish. It says “buy me” and “you need me”.


Digit-al Dozen Does Festiveness: Jolly Skittles

It’s Day 3 of the Digit-al Dozen holiday theme week. This is my THIRD try at a Day 3 mani. One of these days I’ll have to post a nail art blooper reel. Oy! Just imagine dip dye nails that look bloody, not pretty. Anyway, I decided I was being too elaborate and frankly, I’m not an elaborate girl. So I settled on something simple. I call it “Jolly Skittles”.

Christmas Skittles (work / play / polish)

Digit-al Dozen Does Festiveness: OPI Christmas Leopard

Hi guys! I’m introducing something new today. I was invited to participate in a small nail art group called the Digit-al Dozen. This is quite an honor as I’ve followed (stalked) many of these talented ladies’ blogs for awhile. So I’m super excited to be a part. The second week of every month (Mon-Fri) everyone in the group will post five manis based on a theme. This month’s theme is appropriately “holidays”. At the end of each daily post, I’ll provide a link to the other Digit-al Dozen creations. Please check them out!

For my first themed mani I have what I call “Christmas Leopard”. (My daughter said it looks like holly berries.) I used all OPI polishes, Alpine Snow, OPI Red and Green-wich Village. I think this look is fun and definitely super easy!

Christmas Leopard: OPI Alpine Snow, Red and Green-wich Village (work / play / polish)

Color Club A Winter Affair

I’m back. I’m trying to get into a routine Sunday blog break, but this weekend we were busy with household projects (including The Mani Cave) so I took Saturday off too. Speaking of the TMC, I hope I have a decent update ready for you on Wednesday. As of today, my quest for the perfect polish rack system is losing altitude and airspeed. But fortunately hubs and I may have discovered a solution. Okay…more on that Wednesday. For today I have a Color Club Winter Affair Duo mani to show you. These polishes are part of the 2012 Holiday Collection.

Color Club Winter Affair Duo (work / play / polish)

The Mani Cave: Navy, White and Pink

Welcome to my weekly update of The Mani Cave (TMC)! In my first post, I referred to it as the TPR (The Polish Room)…but I received overwhelming feedback that my husband’s moniker “The Mani Cave” was better. So TMC it is!

So now on to the update…over the past week I’ve toiled over the color palette. Originally I wanted to go with a gray and teal theme; but I worried about it not being family friendly enough (i.e., hubby wouldn’t be caught dead in there). I wanted something more “grown up” but still unexpected. Then this photo caught my eye and it was all she wrote! The room will be navy, white and pink! Sound familiar? They’re the colors in my Zoya Explosion mani yesterday!

Navy, White & Pink Color Scheme